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Eisen's Mailbag: Damontre Moore to start?


I saw a lot from Damontre Moore on special teams last year and think he can be a standout player. Do you think the Giants have him penciled in as the starter or will he compete with Mathias Kiwanuka and Robert Ayers to start?** -Ryan

Dear Ryan:
Moore should a get chance to compete as a starter. Yes, there are experienced players in front of him – the two you mentioned, plus Jason Pierre-Paul. Moore has been working out in the Quest Diagnostics Training Center much of the offseason. He is giving himself the best chance to earn significant playing time this season. Given his natural ability and work ethic, we should see a lot of Moore this season, either as a starter or a situational pass rusher.

It seems like the Giants have been injury-plagued for years now. Does this happen all over the league? Is it something that can be or is being addressed with the Giants trainers' approach that could be changed?

Dear Mike:
Injuries are an issue for every NFL team every season. The problem was particularly acute for the Giants in 2013 when,  according to a study in the Dallas Morning News, they suffered a league-high 91 games lost to injuries (26 on the offensive line). The Giants have studied the problem. You can tweak your training regimen, but it really comes down to the fact that in a contact sport played by large and athletic humans, injuries happen. You have to find a way to overcome them. Hopefully, the players the Giants have signed will improve their depth and help them do exactly that.


Is Rueben Randle ready to assume the role as the big-play threat on offense like Hakeem Nicks used to be? Or will that player be found in the upcoming draft?** -Joseph

Dear Joseph:
We're going to find that out. Randle is certainly in line to play a bigger role in the offense this year. He doesn't have to be compared directly to Nicks. Randle just needs to make plays. He's shown flashes, now he must do it more consistently. And it certainly wouldn't be a shock if the Giants select a wide receiver early in the draft.

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