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Eisen's Mailbag: Goal line offense


We know the offense has changed but have you noticed any differences in the goal line and red zone offenses?** -Kevin

Dear Kevin:
It's still a little early in camp to talk about trends. The Giants have worn pads for just one practice (before today), so goal line work has been minimal. It does seem as if the coaches like what they've seen from Andre Williams, the running back from Boston College selected on the fourth round, and are looking at him in the red zone and close to the goal line.    

My question is the positioning of the offensive lineman. Ideally the best run blocking guard should be on the right side and the pass blocker on the left. I feel Geoff Schwartz is out of position and if John Jerry wins Chris Snee's spot he will be out of position. What are your thoughts about this?

Dear Kevin:
I think too much time is spent worrying about that. Schwartz is at his best at left guard, so theoretically if you move him to the right side you could be weaker at both guard positions. Maybe the Giants will want to run to their left more often in their new offense. Brandon Mosely is the first-team right guard, not John Jerry. That could change, but Jerry started every game for Miami the last two seasons – at right guard. So again, if Jerry's best position is right guard and Schwartz's is left guard, what is the point in moving them?   

Ross Weaver is listed as a 6-1, 206 pounds. Does he have the versatility to also play either safety?

Dear Bruce:
Frankly, I'm no expert on Ross Weaver. But I've heard no discussion about moving him to safety.

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