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Eisen's Mailbag: How many DT's on roster?

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With Joseph, Jenkins, Patterson, Rogers, Hankins, Austin and Kuhn on the roster, how many defensive tackles will the Giants likely carry?

Dear Mike: *
*Good question. The Giants usually have four on their active roster. They can probably keep a fifth, especially if that player can also contribute at end. But they're not going to keep seven. One of the best competitions of the summer will surely be at defensive tackle.

I am a Giants fan from Gatineau, Québec since 1993. My question is who was a better Giant, Brandon Jacobs or Ahmad Bradshaw?

Dear Fernand: *
*I know it's a copout, but I can't pick one. Jacobs played seven years, Bradshaw played six. Jacobs had 1,071 rushing attempts for the Giants, Bradshaw had 921. Jacobs ran for 4,849 yards, Bradshaw, 4,232.  Yards-per-carry: Jacobs 4.5, Bradshaw 4.6. Rushing touchdowns: Jacobs 56, Bradshaw 32. They each played on two Super Bowl championship teams. Bradshaw was a smaller back who was drafted in the seventh round, so you could argue his achievements are more impressive. But I'll let you choose who was the better Giant.




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