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Eisen's Mailbag: Improving the offense


My question is this, John Mara called the offense "broken" and while I believe he was 100% correct, we focused very little on the offense, why is that? Yes we picked up a couple of solid offensive linemen. Given TC's stance on playing rookies even if we draft a couple of offensive players, we didn't give McAdoo any help, what gives?** -Joe

Dear Joe:
I respectfully disagree. The offense was broken largely because the line played poorly. The offensive line is the heart and soul of your team. If it breaks down, it's very hard to win games. The Giants have significantly upgraded their line with four additions, plus the return of Chris Snee. That should yield substantial benefits. Rashad Jennings is likely to be a starter and he is a running back with big-play ability. That's another plus. Mario Manningham is a veteran receiver who is familiar with the coach and quarterback. The offense should have the benefit of improved field position, thanks to the return ability of Trindon Holliday. Finally, you seem to operate under the assumption that we're done making personnel moves. It's early April. We're a month from the draft and 3½ months from training camp. I'm not exactly tiptoeing out on a limb here when I say we'll add more offensive players before we hit the field in July.

When it comes to Eric Ebron everyone is so worried about his blocking ability. But if he is as great a receiving tight end as he is being touted, why not change his position to wide receiver once he's drafted?

Dear Ben:
Those people "worried" about Ebron's blocking ability…do they know what they're talking about? What credentials do they have to make that judgment? If his blocking is suspect – and I don't know if it is – he can certainly develop it with NFL coaching. He's clearly one of the top tight ends in this draft? Can we let him enter the league and practice once or twice before we change his position?

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