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Eisen's Mailbag: Learning New Offensive Systems



Whenever I hear players talking about "learning a new system," I always hear them downplay it as the same system everyone uses just with different terminology.  However, I also hear analysts and even coaches say how difficult it is for a player to adjust to a new coordinator or coach's system – and how great it is to get a player already familiar with the system. ** So which is it? How different and hard to learn are all of these systems?

Dear Patrick:
I think it depends on the player more than the system or the coaches. Learning new terminology and a new system can be difficult, especially for players who have a short time to do it. Offensive and systems today are very complex. And they do differ significantly, despite players' efforts to minimize those differences. Tom Coughlin said many times last year – Ben McAdoo's first as offensive coordinator – that the system came with a lot of verbiage. Eli Manning is much more comfortable in the system with a year under his built.  

Had it not been for a taunting penalty, Brad Wing would have scored a 52-yard touchdown on a perfectly executed fake punt while playing at LSU. I know the Giants haven't called a fake punt in a over a decade, could we see that trend end soon?

Dear Tim:
If I say yes, I'm tipping off our opponents. So no, absolutely not. I don't see why we would ever do that.

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