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Eisen's Mailbag: Manning's most impressive accomplishment

12-9-manning-mail2.jpg's Michael Eisen answers your questions.  Here is today's edition of The Mailbag:

Which aspect of Jason Pierre-Paul's game will be most difficult to replace?

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The attention he receives from opposing offenses. Because JPP is so strong against both the run and pass, teams frequently assign an extra player to block him or try to slow him down. They might have a tight end and tackle double team him on a run, or assign a back to chip him when he's pass-rushing. That takes away a player who might hit another Giants defender. The players who replace Pierre-Paul must prove they can win a one-on-one situation before they command an additional blocker. Until they do, that extra player will help elsewhere – probably wherever Olivier Vernon is lined up.

When and if it happens, how would Shane Vereen's return most impact the Giants offense?

On third down. That down has not been kind to the Giants this season. They ranked 27th in the NFL, converting only 35.1% of their opportunities (53 of 151). Vereen is an outstanding third down back who can catch the ball and turn a short pass into a long gain, or take a handoff or pitch and step through a defense. The Giants need a player of Vereen's abilities to improve their third down conversion percentage.

Would you say Eli Manning's consecutive game's streak is the most impressive accomplishment of his career?

No, I wouldn't. It is certainly very impressive, and Manning should be admired for it, but it is a product of good health – and in football, that takes some luck. I think his most impressive achievement is winning two Super Bowls. Hundreds of quarterbacks have played in the NFL in the Super Bowl era. Only 31 have won a Super Bowl. Manning is one of them. Only 20 have won a Super Bowl without losing one. Manning is one of them. Only 12 have won at least two Super Bowls. Manning is one of them. The only two quarterbacks in history with longer consecutive starts streaks than Manning's 195 (before Dallas) are Brett Favre (297) and Peyton Manning (208). Favre won just one Super Bowl. Peyton Manning won two, but lost one. Eli's 2-0 record in Super Bowls tops starting every game since Nov. 21, 2004.

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