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Eisen's Mailbag: More No-huddle offense?

Eli looked great when they just let him open it up and do some no-huddle. Why they don't do more no huddle, I don't know. I hate it when he huddles up and comes out of the huddle late and then is rushing to get it off. He is always going to want to look over the D and audible, so why not forget the huddle and just do like Peyton and get right up to the line and have plenty of time to decide?



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Dear Tom:
That's not the Giants' system. What works for one team won't necessarily work for another. Frankly, I get this question all the time. Yes, Eli and the offense are usually very productive in the two-minute offense. But it's not like we don't gain yards or score points in our regular offense. We scored 429 points last season – and 31 on Sunday, despite six turnovers. If the Giants run the no-huddle more often, opposing defenses will adjust to it. I'm all for using it when we need, because the offense is productive when it's been run.

Why does it seem, time and time again, Eli brings the play clock down to the last second before snapping the ball? If he is going to do this then have him come up to the line without a huddle and make the adjustments right away. This huddling, then coming up to the line with less than 10 seconds is beyond frustrating!

Dear Michael:
Again…frustrating to whom? And why? The Giants gained 478 yards and scored 31 points in Dallas and were in a position to pull out the game in the fourth quarter, despite the ungodly total of six turnovers. Unless you're blaming the turnovers on the fact that the Giants go into a huddle – a dubious assertion at best - I don't see the urgency to change their method of operation. They're gaining yards and scoring points. Eli threw for 450 yards. So I fail to see what, exactly, is the problem with the offense as it's being run.  

Why was roughing on Weatherford not called? That was obvious That's not the reason we lost but the officiating seems to be getting worse.

Dear Michael:
The referee, Tony Corrente, ruled that Weatherford initiated the contact by keeping his leg up too leg, which may or may not have been the case. Either way, it had no bearing on the outcome of the game. Had a penalty been called, the Giants would have declined it. The call would have been running into the kicker call, which is a five-yard infraction. The play you're asking about occurred on a fourth-and-17. After the 51-yard punt and five-yard return, Dallas took possession at its own 16. The Giants would never have accepted the penalty, which would have forced Weatherford to re-kick.

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