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Eisen's Mailbag: Most impactful Free Agent


Michael:** What can Giants fans expect from Geoff Schwartz? He seems like the wildcard on the O-Line?

Dear Bruce:
Not sure what you mean by wildcard, but as long as he stays healthy, Schwartz should be one of the five starting offensive linemen. He didn't work fulltime in the spring, because the medical staff didn't want to put too much stress on his surgically-repaired ankle. When he did play it was at right guard. That will likely be his position when training camp and the season open, but a move out to tackle is not out of the question.

Which Giants free agent will make the biggest impact this year in your opinion?

Dear Randy:
Shane Vereen. He is a strong, nifty runner who excels at catching passes out of the backfield. The Giants haven't had a running back with such good receiving skills since Tiki Barber last played in 2006. Vereen will add a dimension to the offense that has been lacking.

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