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Eisen's Mailbag: New Offensive Strategy?

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I understand that the Giants offensive philosophy is always balance, but given our current outstanding and deep receiver corps, a hurt full back, a tailback that excels in the open field, a new tight end, and an ELIte quarterback, is there any chance we will see increased four wideout formations this year, or dare I ask, a run-and-shoot approach at times?

Tom Coughlin is simply unable to discuss offensive football without using the word balance. He believes in a balanced offense and strives to move the ball both on the ground and in through the air. Last year, the Giants were 14tin the NFL in rushing yardage and 12th in passing yardage. But the Giants have certainly had a lot of success throwing the ball in recent seasons. In 2011, they were 32nd in rushing and fifth in passing – and won the Super Bowl. So yes, I think you will see plenty of multiple-receiver formations this season, just as you have in the past. But the run-and-shoot? Not a chance. It's not in the repertoire.

Now that we've added Justin Pugh and Eric Herman via the draft, what are the chances of Brandon Mosley (who was hurt last year) and Matt McCants (who was on the practice squad) making the team or even contributing this season? And what are the odds of one of them being a potential starter this season?

Mosley and McCants both got plenty of work during the spring drills and offensive line coach Pat Flaherty said each has made progress. Whether they're made enough to earn a place on the final roster is hard to say. The Giants have five returning starters, plus Jim Cordle, James Brewer, Selvish Capers, Stephen Goodin, Michael Jasper, Pugh and Herman. I wouldn't be shocked if Mosley and McCants open the season on the practice squad. To answer your second question, I can't see them starting this season.




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