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Eisen's Mailbag: Odell Beckham's Versatility


Who would you say is the most versatile player on the Giants roster? My pick is Shane Vereen after seeing what he did as practically a receiver in Super Bowl XLIX.

Dear Robert:
It's either Vereen, Dwayne Harris or Odell Beckham Jr. Vereen can run with the ball and catch it. So can Harris – his first touch of the season was a rushing attempt, not a reception. But Harris is also the team's punt and kickoff returner. Vereen did have three kickoff returns with New England in 2013 so he's capable of handling that duty. But probably no one on the team can do as much as Beckham. I think we can all agree that he can catch the ball. He can also run with it, return kicks and could pass it if called upon. Beckham is an extraordinary athlete who could fill a variety of roles.

>>ASK YOUR QUESTIONS TO EISENS MAILBAGDefensive Pass interference is probably the most significant flag a referee can call. I mean, in theory it can be a 99-yard penalty.  And yet it is very often a judgment call that can go either way.  Is there anything that can be done to either reduce the "opinion" aspect of it or the significance of the penalty – like college?


Dear Sanderson:
You can make it a maximum 15-yard penalty, as they do in college football, as opposed to a spot foul, which is the NFL rule. The competition committee has considered that change, but it has never received serious consideration. As far as removing the judgement aspect of the penalty, I don't think that's possible, unless you permit the officials to use instant replay to change such a call. I believe that would be a huge mistake. Football is played by people. People make mistakes. You can't remove the human element from the game. Regarding pass interference, officials are often asked to instantaneously make a difficult call on a play with a lot of gray area. One team is not going to be happy with such a call. Live with it and move on.

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