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Eisen's Mailbag: Offensive Personnel


There has been a lot of talk as to whether Eli Manning can play in a west coast type of offense because he's not as athletic as Aaron Rodgers. What needs to be remembered is that Rich Gannon in his 30's won an MVP award in this offense and he wasn't mobile. Your thoughts? -Kevin **

Dear Kevin: Interesting point on Rich Gannon, but he has nothing to do with Eli Manning. But the notion that Manning is not athletic enough to play in the Giants' new offense is absurd. Manning will often take short drops and quickly throw short and intermediate passes to his receivers. He will also hand the ball to his running backs. Manning certainly has the athleticism to complete those tasks. Perhaps if he was asked to run often it would be an issue. Be he won't be and it's not.


I still think we are light in the wide receiver position, especially when unexpected injuries will almost certainly crop up. Do you think it possible for us to pick up another quality receiver? And do you think Corey Washington has a chance of making the team? Last question, any thought given to Ramses Barden, who the Bills have released? -Andy **

Dear Andy: Isn't it an oxymoron to say unexpected injuries will almost certainly crop up? If they almost certainly will occur, they're not unexpected. Anyway…of course, it's possible to pick up a quality receiver. Maybe not right now, when every team has 90 players in camp. But a lot of good receivers will be cut loose before opening day. The Giants will look at them as they will the players at every position who hit the open market. Corey Washington has done some good things in camp, but you can say that about any receiver in camp. Washington is still a rookie free agent and a longshot to make the roster. Ramses Barden had his chances here. Time to move on. >>Watch: Rueban Randle Insider


I've really enjoyed watching the tight end competition and the way you have covered it. I thought the Giants kept four tight ends last year. Is there any chance they will keep five this year? It seems to me that tight ends make pretty good special teams players based on their versatility. For which special teams spots are they best suited, if at all? -Jim **

Dear Jim: I don't see how the Giants can keep five tight ends, particularly if they have a fullback on the roster. Depending on their build and skill sets, tight ends can contribute on special teams as blockers on placekicks and kickoff returns or covering kickoffs. If they're tall enough, perhaps they can block an opposition field goal attempt. >>Read: TE competition

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