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Eisen's Mailbag: Offseason Moves




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All of these teams I see are making an early splash in free agency. What are the Giants doing? I check the website every night and.......nothing. We have more than a few players becoming free agents. Key players. Is Jerry Reese just going to let them go?

Dear Brian:

I'm almost shocked that a Giants fan would write this letter at this time. Didn't we just go through this last summer? Some longtime contributors like Steve Smith and Kevin Boss were signing elsewhere and teams like Philadelphia were loading up on free agents like they had an unlimited budget. Jerry Reese and the Giants stuck to their plan and – surely you remember – won the Super Bowl. With two Super Bowl victories in five seasons as the G.M., don't you think Reese has earned the benefit of the doubt? He has a plan. It's being executed. Can we at least wait until training camp begins – or better yet, for a few regular season games to be played – before issuing a verdict?

With the release of Brandon Jacobs Do you think the giants will draft a running back or try to get one through free agency?

Dear Jarrett:

Perhaps both. All options are on the table. There always seems to be a running back or two available. My guess is the Giants will bring in a veteran at some point and follow up with one or two rookies – either through the draft or free agency – to enhance the competition.

It's hard for me to critique the G-Men after their epic Super Bowl win, but I am so sick of the kick and punt return game. What do you think Jerry Reese has in store for the return game? I do not want to hear Hixon's name anymore and none of those guys who were back there last year deserve any time in the discussion. Is this a draft day fill-in or is there someone out there that the G-Men may look at? Thanks Mike!

Dear Nick:

There's no question the Giants' return game could use a boost. It's been a while since we had a return man who can legitimately scare the opposition. But you have to realize that Tom Coughlin's No. 1 requirement for a returner is ball security. Like any coach, he would like to have a player who can deliver electrifying returns – but not if he has a propensity to fumble. I wouldn't dismiss Jerrel Jernigan as a potential productive returner. And why no love for Hixon? His 12.0-yard punt return average is the second-highest among the top 12 punt returns in Giants history (Ward Cuff average 12.0 yards form 1941-45). And Hixon is seventh in Giants history in kickoff return yardage. I would expect him to get an opportunity to be a return specialist in 2012.

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