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Eisen's Mailbag: Position Changes



How is the Giants daily training camp schedule different when the team practices at night? Are there advantages to night practices? -Joseph**

Dear Joseph:
When they Giants practice in the evening, they have their daily walk-thru before lunch. On the days they practice in the afternoon, the walk-thru is after dinner. The advantage for the players is they don't have to practice in the intense mid-day heat. But the practice plan and installation schedule don't change when the time of practice does.

We've seen position changes this season with the Giants (Bennett Jackson, and numerous O-Line moves). What would you say is the toughest position change to make? -Robert

Dear Robert:
Defensive tackle to wide receiver. But I don't see that on the horizon, though Johnathan Hankins claims he has the best hands on the team. All position changes have inherent challenges. But the vast majority of them are within the same position group (defensive backs, offensive line), so they can be quickly learned. The cornerbacks and safeties can pick up each other's assignments and responsibilities relatively easily, and all of the offensive linemen learn and work at multiple positions. Bennett Jacksno has said several times the transition from cornerback to safety, and now nickel corner, has been smooth.

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