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Eisen's Mailbag: Possible Weak Spots

I just read your response to potential Giants weak spots, and agree with a lot of your assessment. However, relying on JPP to come back to Pro Bowl form, Mathias Kiwanuka to step up, and Damontre Moore to become good all at once? Those odds are very slim. Kiwanuka has shown very little the last two years and Moore did not show much when in on Defense. He seems very immature as well. This is a weakness, and let's not try to sugarcoat it. However, all teams have at least one weakness, wouldn't you agree?

Dear Matt:
No, I wouldn't. What, exactly, was the Seattle Seahawks' weakness last season? I didn't notice too many weaknesses in the Patriots when they went 16-0 in 2007 (save perhaps, for an inability to stem our pass rush in Super Bowl XLII). Regarding the defensive ends, we can agree to disagree. JPP played hurt the last two years. He is healthy entering training camp. If he remains so, he is very capable of having a big season. The more attention paid to JPP, the less given to Kiwanuka. That should free him up to make more plays. It's not unusual for second-year players to significantly improve on their rookie season performances. Moore has a lot of talent and worked exceptionally hard the entire offseason. He will be a stronger, more mature player in 2014. Obviously, no guarantees exist that this will all take place as we mapped it out. But it's certainly possible. And I prefer to be optimistic, particularly when training camp has yet to open.

How does it look for Weston Richburg?

Dear Cindy:
Richburg demonstrated skill and versatility in the spring practices, but it's impossible to say anything definitive about him or any other lineman, offensive or defensive, until they put the pads on in training camp. If he's as good as advertised, he'll compete for a starting job.

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