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Eisen's Mailbag: Quarterback Competition


Why would we pick up Josh Freeman? Isn't Ryan Nassib the future after Eli?** -Angel

Dear Angel:
There is no reason to link the acquisition of Freeman – and today's signing of Rusty Smith – with Nassib. The idea is to acquire as many good players as possible and let them compete for jobs. Freeman had a rough 2013 season, but he is a former first-round draft choice who has thrown 80 career touchdown passes. What's the harm in bringing him in to see what he can do? May the best man win applies at quarterback just as it does at every other position. With Eli Manning recovering from his ankle procedure and Curtis Painter out for approximately four weeks following a scope of his knee, Nassib, Freeman and newly-signed Rusty Smith will get plenty of work this spring.

Do you think Jerrel Jernigan could be utilized as a "jack of all trades" weapon? Akin to Percy Harvin, Jeremy Kerley, Tavon Austin, etc.

Dear Jake:
I'm always reluctant to compare a Giants player to someone on another team. Each has their own skill set. But I do think the new offensive coaching staff will experiment with Jernigan in several positions. As we saw late last season, Jernigan can catch the ball and run with it. Perhaps Ben McAdoo's offense will give him  more opportunities to contribute.   

Do you believe Adrien Robinson will start at tight end or will the Giants pick up a tight end in the draft or free agency?

Dear Ciaran:
If Robinson can avoid injury and stay on the field, I think his chance to start is as good as anyone's. At the same time, it's entirely possible the Giants will add a rookie or veteran tight end. It's a position where what you see now is not necessarily what you'll get when the season begins.

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