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Eisen's Mailbag: RB Wilson's role




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What are the chances of David Wilson actually seeing any real play time on the offense in the next few weeks?

That's up to David Wilson. First, he must prove he can hold onto the football. Second, he has to gain some real yardage when it's in his hands. And third, he has to protect Eli Manning when called upon to do so. While he's admittedly had few opportunities to do so, Wilson hasn't yet done that. And with Andre Brown producing so impressively (184 yards in two games), there's no hurry to force Wilson into a game. He'll get a chance at some point. But as I said, it's up to him as to when that opportunity comes.

Is it just me Michael, but I see Osi Umenyiora as a defensive liability. He gets no rush on the passer and he is inept on stopping the run. I think the front office has to give other players a chance.

I think it's just you. Seriously, I disagree with your premise. I think Umenyiora is one of the pass rushers in the NFL. Very few, if any, players can create turnovers as consistently as he does. And while he might not be the strongest player on the line at the point of attack, it's hard to find someone with the speed to run plays down on the backside as he does. Admittedly, Umenyiora's through three games aren't great. But he did sack Cam Newton the other night at Carolina. And I am confident he will become a big force on defense as the season progresses.


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