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Eisen's Mailbag: Re-signing WR Hixon




I love Domenik Hixon, but with two knee surgeries in two years, why would we re-sign him? Is there something that the coaching staff knows about this guy that no one else does? Very risky move if you ask me, especially considering how great our receiving corps was down the stretch.*Dear Eric:

**I disagree for several reasons. There's very little risk in signing him. Hixon got relatively little money and if he can't play, it will cost the Giants little. But Hixon passed a physical and the fact that he hurt his knee each of the last two years doesn't mean he will do so again. If he's healthy, Hixon can contribute as a receiver and might be the best return specialist on the team. Yes, the receivers played well late in the season. But you never have enough good players. I think bringing Hixon back is a low-risk move that could prove to be very beneficial.

I know this sounds crazy to think about, but with the great run that Eli Manning has had and his unbelievable ability to stay healthy, when do you think the Giants need to seriously start thinking about an heir apparent to Eli's position, more for the future, but possibly as a viable option if Eli's luck runs out and he goes down with an injury? Obviously I am not hoping this happens soon, but is David Carr good enough to actually run things for an extended period of time if it comes to that? Or should the Giants be looking to the future sooner rather than later?Dear Eric:

**It's not crazy. George Young, the Giants' late, great general manager, often said a team has to keep in mind who its next quarterback might be. And he said it when Phil Simms was in his prime. Hopefully, Manning has many more healthy seasons ahead of him. Developing his eventual replacement is not critical at this point. But you're correct in thinking if something should happen to Manning and he has to miss a few games, you want a backup quarterback who is capable of coming in and win games. David Carr might be that player; because of Manning's durability, he hasn't had the opportunity to prove it. He's a free agent how may or may not be back, so the Giants will certainly look carefully at potential backup quarterbacks.

Who holds the Giants' record for points in the postseason?Dear Larry:

**Lawrence Tynes has taken a big lead in that statistical category. He scored 34 points in the Giants' four 2011 postseason games. Tynes has scored 59 points in his Giants playoff career. Amani Toomer is second…with 42 points. The kicker closest to Tynes is Brad Daluiso with 36 points.

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