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Eisen's Mailbag: Rueben Randle's progress


It seems like a lot of the concern over the development of Rueben Randle stemmed from how complicated Kevin Gilbride's offense was with all of the option routes. Do you expect the new offense to showcase his abilities better? And do you think the new look offense will make it easier for a rookie to break into a starting role? ** -Matt

Dear Matt:
The easy response would be to say, "Of course" to both of your questions, but the truth is we don't know yet. Ben McAdoo hasn't even begun to teach his offense to the players. It will still be a while before we see it on the field. Kevin Gilbride's was not too complicated.  Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks and any number of players had no problem picking it up. So I can't say the system itself will make it easier for a rookie to contribute immediately. But what might make that true is that McAdoo seems intent on tailoring his offense to the strength of the players in it. So if he finds something unique to Randle he can take advantage of, he will. But neither he nor anyone else can make the determination until he's on the field with the players.

Jim Cordle, OC-OG, has not been mentioned in regards to 2014. Is he still injured or is he slowly recovering from the injury? If either, does he fit into the NYG future plans?

Dear Bruce:
I don't know if Cordle is fully recovered from his knee surgery, but the last I heard he was well on his way to doing so. But he doesn't appear to be in the Giants' plans at this time. They've signed four veteran free agent offensive linemen. And the draft is next month. The Giants appear to have moved in another direction, at least for the present.

With regard to the draft, do you think it would be better to trade down to obtain some additional draft picks, considering the many needs the Giants have (WR, TE, O-line, D-line, LB), or keep our picks and get better playmakers. For example, trading down from the twelfth spot to the fifteenth while getting an extra third round pick.

Dear Patrick:
There are too many variables to give you an absolute answer. If the Giants stay at No. 12, will there be a player available on whom they have a strong conviction? Could they trade down and still reasonably expect to get that player? What can get they get if they move down? In general, I'd prefer they keep the 12th pick and take the highest-rated player on their board. That seems to me to get the best possible player on the roster. And that's the object of the draft.

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