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Eisen's Mailbag: Snee's role in 2014?


It was rather obvious early in the season before he went on IR that Chris Snee is a shell of the great player he has been. Because of his relationship with Tom Coughlin, cutting him is a little more difficult. What are the chances he can make it back on the field or retire? ** -Mike

Dear Mike:
If Chris Snee didn't play to the high standard to which we are all accustomed, it was solely due to his serious hip injury, which required surgery after the season's third game. It's difficult to say whether Snee will return to the field because he hasn't said if he wants to continue playing. Snee is rehabilitating his hip and elbow (which he said was surgically-repaired). If he feels well enough and the desire is there, then perhaps he comes back for an 11th season. We'll likely know sometime in the spring, if not before. The fact that he's Coughlin's son-in-law will not enter into the decision, which will be based on what's best for Chris Snee and the Giants.

I thought Peyton Hillis did an excellent job considering the situation in which he was brought in. He added a toughness that I think was missing from the backfield. Is there any talk of at least bringing him into camp next season?

Dear Craig:
Hillis hasn't said publicly whether he wants to return. If he does, whether he returns to the Giants will be determined by several factors, including whether or not he wants to be here (he said he enjoyed his time with the team) and whether the team has an opening in the backfield. The Giants first must learn whether David Wilson recovers from neck surgery and if Andre Brown re-signs as a free agent. So it's too soon to make a decision on Hillis.

If JPP or Wilson cannot make it back from offseason surgery, are the Giants relieved of the cap hit by these players?

Dear Al:
First of all, Jason Pierre-Paul isn't scheduled for surgery; his shoulder is expected to heal with rest, so that is not an issue. He will be back. If Wilson can't return, his base salary would no longer count against the salary cap.

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