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Eisen's Mailbag: Starting Offensive Line

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Who do think will be starting on the offensive line?

My guess is the same five players who started most games last year. That would be Will Beatty and David Diehl at tackle, Kevin Boothe and Chris Snee at guard and David Baas at center. First-round draft choice Justin Pugh will certainly get a close look in training camp. He worked at right tackle in the spring. As good as Pugh is, it will be difficult for him to beat out Diehl, a proud 11-year veteran. Pugh may eventually work his way into the lineup, but I think we'll see a veteran crew on opening day.

If there is going to be a free agent signing, is the next position going to be defensive end, fullback, running back or none of the above?

It's hard to predict, because the Giants look at specific players more often than positions when they consider who to sign. There are exceptions, of course. In 2009, the Giants desperately needed a safety, so they signed Aaron Rouse, who had just been released by Green Bay. If there is an available player the Giants believe can help them, they will sign him. But unless they have a noticeable numbers or talent shortage, they usually don't target specific positions at this time of year.




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