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Eisen's Mailbag: Under-the-Radar Players



Which under-the-radar player has made an impact so far in training camp?** -Jon

Dear Jon:
Standard procedure is to answer this kind of question by discussing an unknown rookie trying to make the team in his first camp. But I'm going to select veteran receiver Preston Parker. With the news generated by the healthy returns of Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr., the improvement of Rueben Randle and the acquisition of James Jones, Parker has received little attention. But he's a hard-nosed receiver who has caught almost everything thrown his way. He's one reason the roster discussion regarding the wide receivers is going to be very interesting.

>> CLICK HERE TO ASK YOUR QUESTIONS TO EISEN'S MAILBAGHow do you think the new extra point rules will affect strategy? Will we see more two-point attempts?


Dear Matthew:
I can say with complete confidence that I have no idea. My guess is that early in the season and early in games, coaches will be conservative and try to kick extra points from the new, longer (33-yard) distance. But if it's cold, windy and wet late in the season, those kicks will be harder. I would then expect more extra point tries from the shorter (one-yard) distance. And if a team scores to pull with a point late in a game, a coach might be think his best chance to win it is to try to score two points from one yard away. It is certainly going to be interesting.

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