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Eli Manning gave 'little pep talk' to Daniel Jones before monster playoff debut


Eli Manning knows the tall shadow that he casts on 1925 Giants Drive, where a plaque bearing his name is mounted permanently above his old locker. So, out of respect to current players, he doesn't want to be overbearing.

But you'd be foolish not to pick the brain of a two-time Super Bowl MVP when preparing for your first playoff game, especially doing so at the same position.

Daniel Jones is no fool. He went to Duke.

During Monday's Wild Card edition of the ManningCast, Manning revealed that he gave Jones a "little pep talk" – but only after the current signal-caller sought him out.

"With Daniel, I never reach out to Daniel. I told him, 'I'm always a resource for you. I'm here for you. I'm not going to be the annoying guy like calling you and telling you what you should do or shouldn't,'" Manning said as the Cowboys' 31-14 victory over Buccaneers neared the end. "But he reached out and was kind of like, 'Hey, first playoff game. Anything I need to know about?' And I said, 'Just play the way you've been playing. You don't all of a sudden get to the playoffs and say I've got to try to change something or do something new.' I said, 'You've been playing great all year.'"

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Jones then asked him about the old playoff cliché.

"He's like, 'What about the speed? Is it faster in the playoffs?' I'm like, 'That's just something people say because they've got to say something,'" Manning said. "The speed's the same. No one all of a sudden gets faster all of a sudden for this game. It's just if people are playing harder, you're going to play harder. If you have a third-and-five, you're going to lay out for that first down. People are just going to the whistle."

Message received, and now Jones is the first quarterback in NFL postseason history with at least 300 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and 70 rushing yards in a game. Most importantly, he got the win over the Vikings, setting up a Divisional Round matchup with the rival Eagles.

"It was fun," Manning said. "It was fun to watch that the other day, watch the Giants. And I'm excited for him. He's worked his tail off his last few years, and I'm excited for him to get that win."


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