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Fact or Fiction: Building the 2013 roster


The Giants' starting right tackle for 2013 is not currently on the roster.

MICHAEL EISEN: Fiction -I believe David Diehl will begin the season as the starting right tackle and he is very much on the current roster.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction - Barring using their first round draft pick on a right tackle, either James Brewer or David Diehl will be the Giants starting right tackle in 2013. Considering all the Giants options in the draft, I would consider drafting a starting right tackle to be a low percentage possibility. This is a "show me" year for Brewer, who will need to prove in OTA's and training camp he is ready for the job. If he isn't, Diehl will once again be asked to step in and get the job done.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -Now that the left side of the line is locked up, the Giants have options on the right, and what can be more appealing than a 150-game starter and a two-time Super Bowl champion in David Diehl? We still have to see what the Giants do in the draft, but even if it's not Diehl, the Giants like to promote from within. That helps players like James Brewer.

The Giants will bring in a veteran running back this offseason to bolster the position.

MICHAEL EISEN: Fact -Tom Coughlin wants to increase the competition at running back. That's also a position where you can always use an extra player or two for the preseason.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact - Despite the fact they have already resigned Ryan Torrain, I believe the Giants will add another veteran running back to their roster before OTA's begin. For all their potential, David Wilson, Andre Brown (once he signs his tender), and Da'Rel Scott are all unproven. No one knows if any of them can carry the load over the course of an entire season.

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -First, they could always use numbers. Second, there's a void in the intangibles department with Ahmad Bradshaw gone. Bringing in a hungry, experienced vet to keep the backfield in check sounds right up the organization's alley.

There is a higher probability the Giants will draft an offensive lineman over a defensive lineman in the first round.

MICHAEL EISEN: Fiction -The Giants have the 19th pick, so I could perhaps say this is a fact if I knew who the first 18 players selected will be. But the decision will come down to who has the highest grade on the board and, to a lesser degree, need.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction - Based on the mock drafts I'm seeing and the overall strength of the draft, it seems to me there will be more choices at DT and DE when the Giants choose at 19 than at OL. For that reason alone, I believe I defensive lineman is more likely since the Giants always draft by the mantra of "best player available". Throw in with that the potential Osi Umenyiora signing with the Falcons and the fact Justin Tuck is in the last remaining year of his contract, the Giants need some infusion of youth on the defensive line. Jerry Reese's draft history also suggests he is more likely to take a defensive lineman earlier than an offensive lineman.

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -It's hard to predict with the Giants because grades come first while need is a distant second. (How many times have you heard that already?) But let's say, for example, there is virtually no difference between an offensive lineman and a defensive lineman on the Giants' board when No. 19 comes up. If it's not a reach, I think they go with the offensive lineman. The front office always has the long run in mind, and in the long run, protecting your two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback is paramount.

DRAFT CLASS CHALLENGE: The Giants' 1984 draft class was better than 2007.

MICHAEL EISEN: Fact -I'm partial to the 1984 draft class (Carl Banks, William Roberts, Jeff Hostetler, Gary Reasons and Lionel Manuel). Whenever you can draft a Super Bowl-winning quarterback in the third round, it's an exceptional draft. And the four other players all helped the Giants win championships.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact - That's a fact. INDISPUTABLE FACT. No question about it! Can I be stronger in my opinion here? I have all the respect in the world for the Giants 2007 draft class, but they do not match up to 1984. Only two players from the 2007 Giants draft class are still on the roster, and one is the team's long snapper. Aaron Ross, the second, is returning after leaving for the Jaguars. Only Bradshaw, Ross and DeOssie had an impact on both Super Bowl teams from the Coughlin era. The 1984 draft class, on the other hand, features one of the Giants best defensive players of all time in Carl Banks, a top notch offensive lineman that started nine years for the Giants in William Roberts, a Super Bowl winning quarterback in Jeff Hostettler, and two other starters in Lionel Manuel and Gary Reasons. That group played a big role in two Super Bowl Championship teams. I could make the argument that Roberts and Banks are the two best players in the combined draft classes. The fact Hostettler led the Giants to a Super Bowl might also vault him ahead of everyone in the 2007 class as well. The answer is 1984 and I challenge anyone to argue otherwise! FACT!

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -Partially because I understand why people think 2007 is better and partially because I wanted to rile up John Schmeelk, I was going to say fiction. The 2007 class is up there – especially with the value of Ahmad Bradshaw taken in the seventh round – but you just can't argue with what 1984 produced in the long run. Throughout our draft challenge on, my personal order of importance has been: (1) Hall of Fame members, (2) number of games started and played, (3) Super Bowl winners, and (4) All-Pro and Pro Bowl accolades.

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