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Fact or Fiction: Cowboys


Fact or Fiction1) This game will come down to a last second field goal

John Schmeelk: Fact: The Cowboys have played eight games this year decided by four points or less. The Giants inability to win big is well documented. Would it be fitting for this season to end any other way than with one of these quarterbacks with the ball with 2 minutes to play and a chance to win? Hope it's Eli Manning.

Michael Eisen: Fiction: I'm going to be confident and say the Giants will be in command in the fourth quarter.

Dan Salomone: Fact: I'm inclined to say "fiction" just because that would be like predicting a walk-off home run and the batter. But given the Giants contributed to one of the Cowboys' six games decided by three points or fewer, I'll take the bait and say it comes down to a last-second kick.Fact or Fiction

2) Romo's injury will impact this game

Schmeelk: Fiction:

Romo has no structural damage to his hand and a week of treatment should get the swelling down. He played with broken ribs this year and a collapsed lung. I doubt a little pain in the hand will slow him down.

Eisen: Fiction: I think Romo will be at the top of his game Sunday, so the Giants need to bring their "a" game to stop him.

Salomone: Fact: I fully expect him to play because, as Justin Tuck said yesterday, pain doesn't hurt as much in a game like this. However, an injury to a throwing hand can't do anything but negatively impact a quarterback not only during the game but also the week of practice leading up. Nothing is broken, but Jerry Jones did say it had "alarming swelling" the other night. Fact or Fiction

3) Giants defense will have over 5 sacks against Romo

Schmeelk: Fiction:

The Giants have had only three five sack games this year, and despite doing it against the Jets, it's unlikely they will do it again. Justin Tuck has a tough matchup with Tyron Smith, and expect Dallas to give Doug Free a lot of help with Jason Pierre Paul. Remember that Tony Romo has a very quick release and has the ability to avoid the rush as well. Five sacks is asking a lot. The Giants just need to make sure he is uncomfortable by getting steady pressure and hits. Eisen: Fiction:

I think they'll put plenty of pressure on Romo, but five sacks is a tall order, especially against a quarterback that moves as well inside and outside the pocket as Romo.Salomone: Fiction:

They should put up numbers right around there, especially with the loss of right guard Montrae Holland. Derrick Dockery should be able to slide right in because that's the reason they signed the big veteran. The Giants had three during their last meeting (with four quarterback hits), but the addition of a rejuvenated Justin Tuck wouldn't leave me surprised if they did have more than five. Fact or Fiction

4) The Cowboys will have over 150 yards rushing

Schmeelk: Fiction: Felix Jones has a tender hamstring, and even when healthy isn't a 20 carry a game back. Sammy Morris, a capable veteran, was only recently picked up as a free agent. If the Giants defense allows those two guys to go for 150, it will be a VERY long day for the Giants. Felix Jones had his way with the Giants on December 11th but 150 yards is a bridge too far.Eisen: Fiction:

The Giants have allowed more than 150 rushing yards only once in the last nine games, so I don't see it happening here.Salomone: Fiction:

I know Felix Jones gashed the Giants for more than 100 in relief during the last meeting and put together two solid games after DeMarco Murray went down. But I think the Giants will win the physical battle up front while the game will be decided by the quarterbacks.

Fact or Fiction5)  Jason Pierre-Paul will have more sacks then Demarcus Ware

Schmeelk: Fiction

: But Ware won't have more sacks than Pierre Paul either. I think both these guys, who are legit defensive player of the year candidates, will cancel one another out with a sack or two. Both Jason Garrett and Kevin Gilbride are smart enough to give their left tackles help against these two dynamic players. I think they are the two best defensive players in the NFC, with Ware getting an edge due to his experience and versatility.Eisen: Fact:

Pierre-Paul will have his second huge game against Dallas while the Giants' offense will concentrate its efforts on stopping Ware.Salomone: Fact:

I said the same last week that JPP would have two or more sacks against the Jets (and he did). Like the Giants, I'll ride him again against the Cowboys.

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