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Fact or Fiction: Draft Day Decisions

  • The Giants will draft a quarterback with one of their eight selections.*

MICHAEL EISEN: Fact -I just have a hunch the Giants would like to get a young quarterback into their system.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact -The Giants like to have a long term quarterback on the roster to take snaps in training camp and man the practice squad in the regular season. I could see the Giants taking someone in rounds 5-7.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -I agree they would like to get one in their system, but I just don't know if the occasion will arise given the relatively thin draft class at the position. While it wouldn't surprise me if they took one in the late rounds – especially if one with the right pedigree was still on the board – the need is low for the Giants with the NFL's new ironman back there.

The NFL playoff field should expand to more than the current 12-team format.

MICHAEL EISEN: Fiction -it's hard to make the NFL playoffs, as it should be. A postseason field of more than 12 teams would dilute the importance of the regular season. But John Mara told last week that sentiment is growing among the NFL owners to open the postseason to an additional two teams. That seems likely to happen within the next few years.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction -The NFL playoffs are perfect. If you add too many teams the regular season loses meaning, and you'll probably have a couple 8-8 teams in there some years. No thanks.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -One-hundred percent Fiction - Whenever this comes up in any sport – pro or otherwise – I'm against it. I believe the regular season should have meaning, and it should be difficult to get past it, making the emphasis on winning the division. Otherwise, the field becomes watered down, and unlike a sport with a series, the NFL is a one-and-done system and rewards the hot team and not necessarily the better team that proved it more consistently. Playoff expansion would only further highlight that. But don't get me wrong -- if you win your division, you've earned it.

Outside of quarterback, the riskiest position for NFL teams to draft is linebacker.

MICHAEL EISEN: Fiction -I think it can be more difficult to project how offensive linemen will transition from college to the pros. Teams can be swayed by size, but agility and heart and are also vital.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction -I think WR is a riskier position than linebacker too. The offenses in the NFL are so much more complicated than college offenses and many times WR's can't adjust to them. It's really a different games, especially with so many college teams playing the spread.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -The NFL is unique in that it's the toughest professional sport to judge which players will translate from college to the pros. Or at least it seems that way because college football players are the most well known. In terms of specific positions, I think running backs are the most hit-or-miss coming out of the draft. I judge successful draft picks on longevity, and backs are disadvantaged in that department off the bat.

The Giants will make a draft-day trade this year.

MICHAEL EISEN: Fact -Another hunch.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact -I'm going to go against the odds here and say the Giants will trade down on draft day. This is a flat out guess, but based on the Fact - that this is a very deep draft, having more picks is always more valuable.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -It's ironic that a team gained one of their best players in history by a draft-day trade when the franchise has a very short track record of doing so in the first round. I'm going to say they won't based on that history. Plus, the Giants are in the middle of the draft order, which is no man's land for trades.

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