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Fact or Fiction: Giants sack totals in 2015


The Giants will have more sacks in 2015 vs. 2014.**

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction -This doesn't mean that the pass rush won't be better. Huh? How does that make any sense? It does.


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A good pass rush is about more than just sacks, it is about hits, hurries and knockdowns. The Giants finished fourth in the NFL with 47 sacks last season, but they came in fits and starts.

There were too many situations when opposing quarterbacks had too much time to pick apart a banged up Giants secondary. I envision the 2015 pass rush to be more consistent in hassling opposing quarterbacks, even if the raw sack numbers aren't as high. Remember, the more the Giants defense forces three and outs, the less opponents are on the field, and the fewer plays the defense will have the opportunity to get sacks.

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -Sacks can be overrated at times. It's all about disruption, and the Giants brought back the man who knows all about that when they hired defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

In his first stint with the Giants, his unit led the NFL with 53 sacks in 2007 and was sixth the next season with 42.  Also the bonanza that came down the stretch last season sets up the Giants for 2015.

Eli will set a career high for TD passes in 2015.


JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction - **I think Eli Manning will be right around 31 touchdowns in 2015, which would tie his career high in that area.

I would not be surprised if he surpassed that total, but I think a concerted effort to run the football with Rashad Jennings, Andre Williams and Shane Vereen will limit Eli's total touchdowns.

This could easily wind up being fact, however, especially if Victor Cruz recovers well from his knee injury.

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -Just look at the factors going against him last year, and he still put up 30, one touchdown shy of his record in 2010. Hey, just throw in his rushing score at Washington, and we'll call it even. But Manning now has one year under his belt in Ben McAdoo's offense, is fully healthy this offseason, has an improving offensive line and a Victor Cruz who is working to return to full strength.

Meanwhile, Odell Beckham Jr. caught 12 touchdowns in 12 games alone. Let's see what they can all do together for a full season.

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The Bills are the most improved team on the schedule.


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JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact - **The Bills should be a better team in 2015 with their coaching change, addition of LeSean McCoy and some of the others moves they made on defense. The Jets would be right behind them due to their additions in the secondary and acquiring Brandon Marshall. But both those teams still have uncertainties at quarterback, which still makes their futures unsure.

The sleeper team in all this is the Vikings. They improved a lot in year one under Mike Zimmer, and if Teddy Bridgewater takes a step forward (I think he will) and they work out their issues with Adrian Peterson, look out for the Vikings as a sleeper team in the NFC North.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -We haven't even hit the draft yet, so you have to go by free agency at this point. In that case, I'd look to the AFC East and go with the Dolphins or Jets. They both added true impact players in Ndamukong Suh and Darrelle Revis, respectively.

QB Jameis Winston will be the first overall pick.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact -I don't think Winston's Pro Day affected his stock one way or the other. Everyone knows what he is on the field at this point. I think he was the likely first overall pick before the Pro Day and he is after the Pro Day.

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -For players like him, pro days don't really mean too much. Everyone has already seen what he can do on film, which is where it matters most. His talent and the value of a franchise quarterback in this league point to "fact."

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