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Fact or Fiction: Giants will target defense in Free Agency first?

The first free agent the Giants sign will be on defense.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact -Whoever is first really doesn't matter, but since there are so many more open spots on defense, it is the more logical choice. I would expect the Giants to pick out a few guys they really like and target them early. Whether they are on defense or offense is anyone's guess.

This is a coin toss. The first player signed doesn't mean a whole lot because it's a complicated process that never really ends and has countless variables. But I'll go with the defense because that's where the majority of the upcoming free agents play.

Here are the best NFL free agents for 2015, according to

Free agency in the NFL is more important than any other sport.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction -It can't be more important than baseball, because MLB has no salary cap and spending is only limited by a

team's willingness to pay the luxury tax and nothing else. The NFL, however, has more player turnover than most other sports, and finding a few "great value" players can really help a team in any given offseason. NFL is #2.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -I don't know if a salary cap makes it any less important because in sports that don't have one, like baseball, you can just throw out a lot of money and see what sticks. But I am saying "fiction" to this one just for the fact that NFL teams are built on the draft, more so than free agency. We often see football teams "win" free agency and don't even make it to the postseason.

Alabama's Amari Cooper will be the first WR taken in the NFL Draft.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction -Two weeks ago I would have yelled FACT and went running to the "submit" button, but I think there's a team out there that will become infatuated by Kevin White's combine numbers and pick him before the far more pro ready Cooper.

Cooper played in a pro system at Alabama and runs great routes. If I was making the draft pick, I would go for Cooper. I think someone (Oakland, ahem, the Raiders) will pick White.

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -Kevin White definitely generated a lot of buzz at the NFL Scouting Combine, rightfully so. He put up great numbers that backed up his production in college. But I think teams will gravitate back to the Biletnikoff Award winner, Amari Cooper. "Safe" somehow becomes a bad word when it comes to the draft, but Cooper is just fine with being that. He was the best college wide receiver all season and can be plugged in on day one in the NFL.

Defensive pass interference should only be a 15-yard penalty.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction -BUT I was thinking about this the other day when Troy Vincent brought it up. I have a third idea that would combine the college and NFL rules. My worry about changing it to a 15-yard penalty is that corners would just take down WRs once they are beat and give them no chance of making a catch down the field. That would be no fun for anyone. So here would be my pass interference rule:

A) Pass interference will be either a spot foul or 15 yards, whichever is the smaller of the two penalties. The penalty will also yield an automatic first down.

B) The official will be given the chance to call a Personal Foul Pass Interference Penalty, which is basically the equivalent of a clear path foul in basketball. If the interference is blatant, intentional, with the cornerback clearly beaten down the field, it becomes a spot foul. This will prevent some of the intentional interference penalties that would reduce the number of big time plays down the field we see in the NFL if the penalty was only 15 yards.

I think this option should be considered, BUT in the end, I don't want to place too many judgment calls in the hands of officials; their jobs are hard enough, so I would just leave it the way it is.

I always liked the difference between college and the NFL in that regard. But what I am leaning toward is making the penalty reviewable. I understand the concern about undermining the on-field officials, but they overturn other calls anyway. Why not penalties? Pass interference can be such a difference-maker in a game. Let's get it right.

Here are the best NFL free agents for 2015, according to

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