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Fact or Fiction: How to beat Dallas

The Giants will have multiple 100-yard receivers on Sunday (They had three against Dallas in Week 1).


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    MICHAEL EISEN: Fiction -The Giants have become much more of a run-oriented team since facing Dallas in the opener. That and the fact that it is expected to be cold and windy makes it unlikely the Giants will have one, much less, two 100-yard receivers.

  • JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction - The Cowboys pass defense has been absolutely abysmal all year long, but the combination of the weather, the Dallas pass rush, and a more conservative Giants game plan will get only one Giants receiver over 100 yards receiving. A huge matchup will be between former LSU teammates, Rueben Randle and Morris Claiborne.
  • DAN SALOMONE: Fact -If there's a game to do it again, it's this one. The Cowboys are giving up historically high numbers on defense, and this rivalry tends to turn into a shootout. They won't have three, but I'll bite and say they get two.

Tony Romo is the best opposing quarterback remaining on the Giants' schedule.

  • MICHAEL EISEN: Fiction -Romo has the most impressive career-long body of work of any quarterback the Giants will face. But Detroit's Matthew Stafford – throwing to Calvin Johnson in Ford Field – is the top quarterback the Giants will face in the last six weeks.
  • JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact - Matthew Stafford is simply too inconsistent for my taste, but he is right with Romo when you rank the best quarterbacks in football. Romo is not going down the field quite as much, but he has cut way down on his interceptions, throwing just six this year.
  • DAN SALOMONE: Fact -For me, it's between him and Matthew Stafford of Detroit. He's much more than just numbers – which he obviously has as well – and I've always liked his toughness and football acumen. With that said, I think Romo is a little more proven and balanced.

Stopping the run has been the key to the Giants' success on defense.

  • MICHAEL EISEN: Fact -The success of the Giants' D has always started with begin tough against the run. Just ask Tom Coughlin. The run defense has been terrific all season.
  • JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact - The Giants have constantly put teams into second and third and long, which has made things a lot easier on the secondary. This is the easiest  FACT of the season.
  • DAN SALOMONE: Fact -How many times did we hear it last season? How many times did we hear it around the draft? How many times did we hear it in training camp? "The defense needs to stop the run first." All of that emphasis has paid off. The Giants are seventh in the NFL in run defense and have done so against some of the best in the game. It has set the tone for the defense in the Giants' win streak.

If the Giants score more than 24 points, they will win against the Dallas Cowboys.

  • MICHAEL EISEN: Fiction -It might be true, but I won't commit to it. The Cowboys have a prolific offense. Twenty-four points might not get it done.
  • JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction - I think it is very much in the realm of possibility the Cowboys manage 27 or more points. I suspect this game, even with the windy weather, will be a shootout. I think both quarterbacks have big days and whichever offense protects the ball better wins the game.
  • DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -Like I mentioned before, this game usually has the feeling that whoever has the ball last will win. That means a high point total. Both teams – win or lose -- have scored at least 24 points in six of the last nine meetings. So scoring that many doesn't guarantee the other team won't as well.
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