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Fact or Fiction: Is NFC East the best division in football?


The Giants will hold RB DeMarco Murray to fewer than 100 rushing yards this week.**


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MICHAEL EISEN: Fact -Murray is not going to rush for 100 yards every week, is he? The Giants' running defense was consistently strong until LeSean McCoy ran for 149 yards last week. Let's call that an aberration and sat the run D will be working on all cylinders again in Dallas.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction -Dallas simply runs the football too much. Murray is going to get as many as 25 carries. They are committed to the run and have one of the best offensive lines in football. Holding Murray under 100 yards would be a great feat, but one I don't think this defense will achieve this year. I do think it will help having Jon Beason back for a second straight week with some of the rust knocked off.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -As he looks to become the first player in NFL history to start a season with seven straight 100-yard rushing games, Murray and his offensive line have already gone up against some of the best fronts in the league -- including San Francisco and last week in Seattle -- and excelled. Meanwhile, the Giants, despite allowing 149 yards to LeSean McCoy last week, have allowed just two 100-yard rushers since Week 4 of last season. That's why I'm torn on this one. But I just think if the Giants' defense does damage in Dallas, it'll come in the turnover department. The Giants are tied for fourth in the NFL with 12 takeaways this season, while the rush defense is 17th, allowing 116.3 yards per game.

The NFC East is currently the strongest division in the NFL.


MICHAEL EISEN: Fact - ** Right now, yes it is. I say so because the other contender for best division is the NFC West and Dallas just defeated Seattle last week. But these two divisions face each other this season. The Giants lost to Arizona and have games remaining against Seattle, San Francisco and St. Louis. Dallas lost to San Francisco, beat St. Louis and Seattle and plays Arizona next month. Philadelphia is 11 against the West. It's very close, but we'll go with the East – for now.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fiction -I'm still going to go with the NFC West since it has the Seahawks, 49ers AND the Cardinals. All three teams could make the playoffs, while I think only two teams from the NFC East, at most, will make it into the postseason. Dallas winning in Seattle last week made me think twice about this, but I still think I'll go with the NFC West.

DAN SALOMONE: Fiction -Evidenced by the Cowboys' win in Seattle last week, the NFC East is certainly stronger than it was a year ago at this point in the season. But while the division does have the better overall winning percentage heading into Week 7, the NFC West owns the head-to-head record at 5-3.

Rueben Randle will lead the Giants in receptions the rest of the season.


MICHAEL EISEN: Fact - **He has been the Giants' most targeted receiver this season and should get more chances with Victor Cruz sidelined. The Giants need Randle to step up and catch more balls.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact -And this better happen. He was already getting a ton of targets (47) before Victor's injury, and he will have to turn more of those into receptions moving forward. As talented and explosive as Odell Beckham is, to ask him to be the number one receiver after not practicing in full until Week 5 is too much. Randle needs to take ownership of that meeting room and be Eli Manning's most reliable and trusted target.

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -He's already leading the team in catches as well as targets, and now with Cruz out for the season, he becomes the go-to guy in the passing game. True, he'll get more attention from defenses now, but he's still the most proven Giant in the receiving room.

Dan Bailey is the best field goal kicker in the NFL.


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MICHAEL EISEN: Fact - **There are other worthy candidates, but Bailey's combination of leg strength and consistency puts him at the top.

JOHN SCHMEELK: Fact -The dude just doesn't miss very often. The numbers tell the whole story. He also has a big leg for kickoffs. The Cowboys signed him to a 7 year 22 million dollar extension last year, and it appears that was a very prudent investment for the Cowboys.

DAN SALOMONE: Fact -Kickers are sometimes tough to gauge on a year-to-year because much of the game is out of their control. For example, the Giants' Josh Brown is perfect on the season but didn't attempt his first field goal until Week 3. So a lot of their production depends on how the offense is performing and what conditions they play in, but it all boils down to the simple task of making them when you're asked to. And no one has done that better than Bailey. Not just this season. Not just in the past five years. But historically. Bailey can officially call himself the most accurate placekicker in the history of the NFL. His 91.1 field goal percentage tops all kickers with at least 100 career field goals made. He also has range. Bailey is 70.0 percent from 50 yards or more.

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