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FB Hynoski eyeing Rams Tendencies


Steve Spagnuolo used the term "New York Giant flavor" in describing some of the things he does as the Rams head coach. Mixed with a Philadelphia Eagles flavor – where he was an assistant before the Giants – Spagnuolo put it all together and out came the current system in St. Louis.

But what exactly does that mean for a rookie fullback who wasn't around when coach Spags ran the Giants defense?

"I've been told he's going to bring it," Henry Hynoski said after Friday's practice. "He's the type of coach that's going to bring it, try to pressure the quarterback. So I've just prepared for anything. He's going to throw all kinds of things at you, so I just need to be prepared with all assignments at all costs."

He added: "We got a good practice week of work in and good films and meetings for some of the things he does. He brings a lot of combination blitzes, crosses, brings three or four guys sometimes. I feel pretty caught up with it overall. I think our team does too."

Spagnuolo improved his group of linebackers this season by bringing over 10-year vet Ben Leber from the Vikings and Brady Poppinga from the Super Bowl-winning Packers.

Together, along with James Laurinaitis in the middle, they are part of a hardnosed, blitz-heavy scheme that Hynoski will help fend off on Monday night.

"They're good backers, they really are," said Hynoski.

"They're good backers, they really are," said Hynoski, who earned the starting role in Week 1.

"Leber is good, Poppinga is good, Laurinaitis – they're all very good backers. They're aggressive. They're downhill guys. They're going to come down, hit you in the mouth. You just have to match their intensity and then some because they're going to be downhill and attacking you. I got to do better than them. That's what it boils down to."

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