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Love the Giants Through the Highs and the Lows

Eagles 38, Giants 31.

That score will stick in my craw for a long time. Being a long time Giants fan, I have witnessed many disappointing, heartbreaking lows and many exhilerating, joyful highs. No other team in the NFL can say they have been such an exciting watch.

First the lows from least to most bothersome:

1) The original "Miracle at the Meadowlands". My second season of watching Giants football and at the time a heartbreaker but the team was lousy that season and it didn't cost the team a thing. I still hate the name. Must have been an Eagles beat writer or something that came up with that one. I still cannot watch Herm Edwards on TV.

2) The loss to the Titans 24-21. The Giants were leading 21-0 and if Kiwi had not let Young go it would have been a win. Rookie mistake. I could live with it.

3) The 1997 playoff loss to the Vikes. To lose any playoff game like that is heartbreaking.

4) The 2003 playoff loss to the 49ers. It wasn't just that the Giants gave up a huge lead to the hated 49ers but that the officials blew the pass interference call that would have given the Giants another FG attempt that would have been close enough to win that game, at Candlestick.

5) Eagles 38, Giants 31. Nothing more needs to be said about this loss as it will remain fresh in my heart for a long time.

Time for the highs my least to most satisfying:

1) Stopping the Broncos undefeated streak at 13-0. It is hard to believe that Danny Kanell was the QB that won that game but I loved it. The Giants stunk that season also which made the win that more enjoyable.

2) Stopping the 49ers threepeat, in Candlestick. The entire world was so sure that the 49ers were going to SB XV that when the Giants got to Tampa there was still 49ers products in the stores. And why should anyone have thought anything else with a backup QB named Jeff Hostetler leading the Giants. Watching Leonard Marshall smash Joe Montana, taking him out of the game, to watching the great LT recover Roger Craig's fumble, to watching Matt Bahr's FG attempt sail through the uprights as time still takes my breath away to think about it.

3) Winning SB XXI. Of course our Giants' first SB win. Phil was magnificent. McConkey was exciting and his deflected TD catch was probably the most deserved TD catch in SB history. Joe Morris, Mark Bavaro, George Martin (safety against Elway), Carl Banks, LT. It was a great team effort.

4) Winning SB XV. After the great victory over the 49ers nobody, but nobody, thought the Giants could defeat the super explosive Buffalo Bills and Jim Kelly. The two Bills, Parcells and Belichek, put together a defensive scheme that is enshrined the Pro Footbal Hall of Fame. A defense that hit the Bills' receivers so hard they shyed away from from catching the ball in traffic. A pounding ground game featuring the old war-horse O.J. Anderson smashing the Bills' D with uppercuts while Dave Megget ran through them with reckless abandon. Of course there was "Hoss" leading the O as they made play after play to end the first half with a TD and start the second half with SB record time eating drive for another TD (Mark Ingram's drive saving catch and run while breaking six tackles for a first down). All leading up to "wide right". It's a toss up as to which SB win was my favorite. THis one or...

5) Winning SB XLII while stopping the Patriots perfect season. A hard hitting slugfest that through three quarters looked like it might be one of the worst SBs ever...until the fourth quarter. Eli barely escaping the massive Pats rush to Tyree making the most improbable catch ever, leading to Plax's winning TD catch. The D was magnificent, showing that Tom Brady could be stopped. The Giants were not the best team that season but they were the best team in those playoffs.

As a Giants fan I will always stick by my team. I expect the Giants will win these last two games as they are completely disgusted and angry by what happened (I feel sorry for the Packers) and will show the Eagles no mercy the next time they meet, whether it is in the upcoming playoffs or next season.

Written by BavaroLTSimms

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