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Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Was everybody back?
A: Well, not everybody's back. Where are my guys that are doing nothing but count who's out here?

Q: Shaun O'Hara was one.
A: Right. Shaun O'Hara has a mild mid-foot sprain. We'll see how that goes.

Q: It's not the same injury?
A: No.

Q: Is it the other foot now?
A: I don't know. I'd be guessing, but I could be 50/50 on that.

Q: Did he get that from the game?
A: Yes.

Q: You called it mild?
A: I did.

Q: That's an ugly joint though. It's usually a problem, right?
A: Could be.

Q: Is there a thing as a mild mid-foot sprain then?
A: Is there such a thing? That's the word they use. That's all I can tell you. I don't make this stuff up. The doctors said that word, so I'm going to use it.

Q: What was William Beatty able to do today?
A: He was on the side working, running, seeing where he is.

Q: Did Bruce Johnson practice today?
A: No. Bruce had surgery. Bruce had a scope and we'll just have to see.

Q: On his knee?
A: Yes.

Q: When did that happen?
A: That was last week. I think I'm good saying last week.

Q: Did you see anything from Will Blackmon today?
A: You can see the athleticism. You saw him run a couple of kicks back and he worked well on the scout team and we'll see.

Q: How do you evaluate something like that without the chance to see him in a game?
A: Just like you always do. Evaluate him on his workout, evaluate him on his practice. Try to project what he can do knowing full well what he has done.

Q: Was he here last weekend trying to learn everything?
A: He was here last week. We worked him out last week, we gave him information, we spent time with him. Yes he was here at the end of the week.

Q: Has he seemed to pick up things today?
A: He seemed to do okay with it. I'm sure the terminology is a little bit foreign.

Q: Is he a guy that was on your radar once he was cut loose in September?
A: Yes.

Q: What was it about him that made you want to keep an eye on him?
A: He's well known. I mean, he's been an outstanding returner and part-timer at both safety and corner, so he's got versatility. He's still young, athletic.

Q: On both punts and kicks?
A: He has done that, yes.

Q: Can there still be a role for Darius Reynaud on this team?
A: Sure.

Q: What do you see it being?
A: Well, the role that he's in right now.

Q: His numbers are down so much from his career average. What is he doing wrong?
A: He hasn't had an awful lot to work with, so there's plenty to shared; the getting it right kind of stuff that can be accomplished – a lot of work that can be accomplished in that area.

Q: When you see the Jets come off the bye week and struggle, does that become a part of your message to your team?
A: Well, that's always the challenge, not just to come back where you were, but to come back and escalate the quality of your performance, lift your game to another level, which is the constant message, which is always about our team, not necessarily the other team, but about our team so that our team can keep getting better in all phases, so that's the constant message.

Q: What's the status of Kevin Boothe at this point?
A: Working his way back.

Q: Is he close?
A: He's out there. We're not in pads, so it's very difficult to understand about that, but he seems to…he worked all last week, he worked over the weekend, so he's conditioned all along, so I'm anxious to watch him this week.

Q: The three week window you have for him – does the bye week count?
A: Yes. I believe it's sometime in November. Early November.

Q: Now that we're at the halfway point of the season, how would you assess Jason Pierre-Paul?
A: We're not there yet.

Q: Now that we're close to the halfway point…
A: He's getting better all the time. He made some good progress last week. He did rush the passer and you saw the big arms in his attempt to get to the quarterback, so he's been a – although the last game, the Dallas game, was not his best special teams game, it was probably one of his better games at defensive end and he's been used in the multiplicity package and so his learning has improved and so I see him getting better.

Q: Did Madison Hedgecock do any work?
A: He did. Yes he did. It was a little bit of testing, but he did do some teamwork.

Q: If Matt Hasslebeck is unable to go, does that affect your preparation?
A: You always have to take everything into consideration. Ask me that maybe Wednesday.

Q: Did having Pierre-Paul contributing and playing well factor into the Kiwanuka thing?
A: Oh no. That's strictly situational. Completely based on the medical analysis of Kiwi's situation.

Q: If he plays more, do you need to scale him back on special teams?
A: I hope not. He's young, he's healthy, he is energetic.

Q: Is there any translation from his success on special teams to the opportunities you give him on defense?
A: No. His role is starting to be expanded on defense and it's been pretty steady on special teams.

Q: How optimistic are you about Shaun O'Hara for the rest of the week?
A: We'll see.

Q: What is it that makes Seattle such a difficult place to play?
A: Well, our experience – I can only tell you what our experience has been – usually when we go, you have the wind considerations, you have the weather, you have the possibility always of some type of rain, the crowd gets into the game and it is a loud place to play and they're a good football team.

Q: Is Bruce Johnson a potential season-ending thing?
A: We'll see. I'm not ready to comment on that yet.

DE Justin Tuck

Q: Any concern about coming off the bye week like the Jets came off theirs?
A: That has nothing to do with us.

Q: How'd you feel today?
A: It felt good. I felt refreshed. I felt like the bye week did exactly what it's intended to do, which was to lay back for a little bit, and then get ready for the long haul.

Q: How tough was the Kiwi news last week for you?
A: Obviously it's tough. We kind of knew it was heading that way but until it happens, you never really think about it. He's a huge talent and he's going to be missed. Again, you just have to continue doing what we've done. Somebody is going to have to step up and try to fill that void. It's a huge void, and right now we just wish him all the best in his recovery. We hope to get him back next year.

Q: Isn't it multiple people who need to step up, though, since he played a few different positions?
A: No question. Definitely. I think it's about five people.

Q: Where does Jason Pierre-Paul fit into that?
A: Jason fits in certain spots. Certain things that Kiwi was able to do, we aren't going to put on Jason at this point in time. As time goes on, he will be asked to do some of those things. It takes just about every d-lineman. Like you said, Kiwi played every position on the d-line and some linebacker, so multiple people have to step up. So far, we've done that, and hopefully it'll continue.

Q: What did you tell Jason?
A: That's between me and Jason. It was a nice conversation.

Q: Did you tell him it's time to get serious?
A: No question. He knew that, and he's one of the guys who makes an improvement every week and we try and continue it. You don't want to put too much on him and stunt his growth, so I think the coaches have done a great job trying to throw little things at him and asking him to do little things each week. He's growing, so we're going to continue with that approach.

Q: It's one thing when you're getting a couple snaps, and then to get 30-40 snaps a game:
A: It is, it's tremendously different. Like I said, I'm encouraged by his play and how he's handled it, and how he has taken that approach. We've added things into his daily ritual and he's picked it up well.

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