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Giants Trivia Tuesday


  1. Which Giants RB was traded from the St. Louis Cardinals to the Giants midway through the 1986 season?
  1. Who scored the first touchdown in a Super Bowl XXI for the Giants?
  1. How many Championships, including the Pre-Super Bowl era, have the Giants won?
  1. Before the Giants were incorporated as the New York Football Giants Inc., what was the full team name?
  1. Who was the last member of the Giants to win the regular season MVP award?
  1. Y.A. Tittle's number is retired by the Giants. What was his number?
  1. What year was the famous "Sneakers Game" played at the Polo Grounds
  1. What four (4) Giants linebackers made up the Crunch Bunch?
  1. Who was the defensive coordinator for the Giants on the 1986 Super Bowl Team?
  1. Who are the Giants 3 Super Bowl MVPs?
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