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Giants Trivia Tuesday


  1. In the 1990 NFC Championship game, which defensive lineman knocked out Joe Montana in the 4th quarter, with a vicious side hit?
  1. After a 10-0 start in 1990, who did the Giants lose their first game to?
  1. Lawrence Taylor finished the 1990-1991 season with how many sacks?
  1. The 1986 championship Giants team is credited with starting which now-popular NFL tradition associated with winning big games. 
  1. Who is the only player in Giants history to have 3 touchdowns on fumble returns?
  1. Both Kenny Philips and Antrel Rolle attended the same college. Where did they go?
  1. The New York Giants played their 1000th game in 1998, with a 28-7 win against which NFL team?
  1. What was Stephen Baker's nickname?
  1. This player became the 1st Giants rookie defensive player to start every game since lineback LT and defensive lineman Bill Neill in 1962.
  1. At the time of the 2007 Super Bowl, one Giants player set the record for the oldest player ever to play in a Super Bowl (it has since been broken). Who was it?
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