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Giants' Wilson & Hosley together again


When David Wilson and Jayron Hosley learned they'd be roommates for the Giants' rookie minicamp, they knew the uncertainties and awkwardness that sometimes plague such shotgun arrangements would be absent. This, after all, is an encore performance.

Wilson, the running back selected in the first round of the NFL Draft, and Hosley, the cornerback taken in the third round, were three-year teammates who roomed together during their freshman season at Virginia Tech.

Now they're helping each other take their first professional steps in this three-day camp.

"That's exactly how it goes," Wilson said between practices today. "He is on defense and I'm on offense.  So we kind of get both sides. We asked each other, 'How is it out there, man? Is it similar (to college)?' He said, 'No.' Then he asked me, and I said, 'No, I'm confused, too.' So we are all going through it together."

"We're rooming now and David is someone I've been around in college and I'm used to," Hosley said. "It's helping me with the process, having someone around you know and you can relate to. It definitely helps."

Wilson and Hosley are an intriguing compilation of similarities and differences.

Wilson is a 5-9, 205-pound native of Virginia. Hosley, 5-10 and 170, grew up in Florida. Wilson was named first-team All-ACC after rushing for a school-record 1,709 yards in 2011. Hosley was voted second-team all-conference after he was credited with 59 tackles and intercepted three passes. He might have joined Wilson on the first All-ACC team had opponents thrown in his vicinity more often. But after he picked off nine passes in 2010, they realized that wasn't a good idea.

Both players are gifted athletes. Wilson, like Jason Pierre-Paul, is proud of his ability to do backflips. "I did 13 with no hands and 21 with hands," he said. He has dunked a football over the goal post backward from a standing start, and his legend at Virginia Tech grew when he chased down a rabbit and caught it with is bare hands.

Holsey hasn't done any of that "Ripley's Believe It or Not" stuff, but he did average almost 12 yards on 68 punt returns.

"Jayron is quiet and mild, but he will shock you with his athletic ability," Wilson said. "His athletic ability and his personality – you would be, 'Wow, I wouldn't be expecting that about him.' He is explosive and quick - anything you would expect out of a Florida guy."

Hosley is equally complimentary of Wilson.

"(He's a) good player," Hosley said. "A smart guy. Very enthusiastic, talented, very athletic, speed – he's a good person and player overall.

"What you see is what you get with David. He's an outgoing person, very outspoken. Just a fun person to be around."

After spending the last three years as teammates, Wilson and Hosley clearly are happy to begin their professional careers together.

 "We were the only ones out of our class that didn't redshirt," Wilson said. "And we were the only ones that left early. And then we got drafted to the same team. So that is cool."

*These rookie minicamps can test the minuscule tolerance Coughlin has for sloppy play.

"Offensively, the only comment I made was you see where the center-quarterback exchange – the ball doesn't always come up when it's supposed to and everybody's out there jumping around," he said. "The defense is lined up half the time the wrong way and that type of thing. So those are some of the things that have to be kind of ironed out. But when you figure you have your draft choices, your undrafted college free agents that have been signed and then the tryout people, they did all right. We made it out to the practice field today. Nobody fell down. We got into the stretch position and it was okay."

*Ahmad Bradshaw, the Giants veteran running back, recently said he is looking forward to working with Wilson. He said he would make the first-round draft choice his "project." Wilson is equally excited to learn from Bradshaw.

"I don't know him personally but I have seen him play and I have heard that comment," Wilson said. "And I'm definitely looking forward to getting with him. I have seen him run - he is a physical back. And he has been doing it for a while. He is a hard worker. That is somebody you definitely want to stick around."

*Although the NFL is heavily–populated with receivers who are well over six feet tall, Hosley said his 5-10 height will not be a deterrent to success.

"My height will be a disadvantage but my play will cover it on the back end," he said. "I feel there are other things that matter besides height. You have to have a combination of things, whether it's height, speed, instincts, being a student of the game. There are other things that come into play. My instincts and being able to cover the taller receivers down the field with my speed will help."

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