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How to move forward

After starting the season 0-6, the Giants fought back with four-straight wins and an opportunity to assert themselves in the NFC East race heading into Sunday against the Cowboys.

However, the Giants fell to the division rival and dropped to 4-7 on the year with five weeks left. Coming off a three-game homestand, they go on the road for the next two games against Washington and San Diego.

"It's not going to be over until the five games are over," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said yesterday. "The one thing that all of you would like to try to figure into this is you don't have anything to play for. We've got a lot to play for. We have a five-game schedule. We're playing against some outstanding football teams. We're trying to assert ourselves. We're not executing as well as we can and in all three phases at the same time, for sure. I'm looking for that. I'm always searching for perfection, the perfect game. We can't get it, perhaps, because we're human, but that's the objective and that's the goal and that's what we'll continue to fight for. It is the competitive nature of the player, of the coach and that's where we are."

That leads us to our Morning Debate:

Where do the Giants go from here?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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