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2023 NFL Draft

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Presser Points: Inside another draft trade; Day 2 picks talk


🔹 On the thought behind trading up to select Jalin Hyatt in the third round, Schoen said, "One of those deals, we were joking around after we took the center (John Michael Schmitz) and were like, hey, wonder if we can get them both. I told the guys, just start making calls when it looks like we're going to do it for our four, when it comes into range, and we made a couple phone calls and some teams were interested in doing it. We're ecstatic to be able to get him."

🔹 Schoen revealed Daboll actually initiated the trade. "So, I congratulate him on that. But no, if you know somebody, hey, why don't you shoot the Rams a text, or you know, give them a call and again, hey, this is what it looks like it would be, does it make sense and we just call and say, hey, when you're on the clock, let us know."

🔹 "Team speed in general" was an offseason priority across the board. "I think we did that with some of the free agents we signed," Schoen said. :Parris Campbell can roll, Jeff (Smith) can roll, (Bobby) Okereke runs well. We've upgraded the speed in general; (Darren) Waller. So yeah, that's definitely something watching our team last year, we just felt we needed to get faster in all three phases."

🔹 Schoen was at the epic 2022 Tennessee vs. Alabama game, where Hyatt set the program's single-game record for touchdown catches with five. "He can roll. I was at that Alabama game. I can't remember why I came in late, but I was a little bit late. But I was on the field for the first half. I was coming from another game, landed there, and first half I was on the field, and you could really feel his speed. It's legit 4.3."

🔹 Daboll said Schoen "does a fantastic job working the phones and being prepared, along with, I'd say, Tim (McDonnell) and Brandon (Brown) and Dennis (Hickey), rest of the scouts, they have done a great job. So again, you draft these players. You put grades on them. You come in; you coach them up. But you let them compete it out. That's what we're all about. So, it's just adding new pieces just like we did in free agency. We'll get them out there on the field and see how they do."

🔹 Schoen isn't concerned about Hyatt's frame. He measured 6-0 and 176 pounds at the combine, which is nearly identical to Philadelphia's DeVonta Smith two year prior. "There's a similar body type down the road that we play twice a year, that's a good player. (He) was drafted much higher. But again, you look at it, you look at the group, you know, how tall they are, how long they are, thick they are, and you know, I know the offensive staff and Dabs, they do a great job of putting the guys in the best position to succeed; and what are the routes they run best, how can we accentuate what they do well, and then they will kind of formulate the offense around that. I think he'll be fine."

🔹 A night after defensive coordinator Wink Martindale gave Schoen a big bear hug after drafting cornerback Deonte Banks, offensive coordinator Mike Kafka was just as excited on Friday. "He's jacked up, too. Yeah, him, (wide receivers coach) Mike Groh, everybody is excited. Kafka is excited about the center, too."

Step into the new draft room as the Giants make their picks for the 2023 class.


🔹 First off, what does he like to be called? "Well, I kind of just went along with the flow, but I was always John Michael growing up because I'm a junior and my dad was always John. The name just kind of stuck with me."

🔹 Schmitz got the draft call surrounded by 20-25 friends and family members in his hometown of Homewood, Illinois. "I mean I'm still shocked right now, just taking it all in with the people that you love and family and friends – it's been amazing."

🔹 Schmitz spent "a lot of time" with Giants offensive line coach Bobby Johnson in the pre-draft process. "It was amazing to connect with him. He's a good coach and just what he's doing with that offensive line, I'm so excited to be a part of it."

🔹 What sets Schmitz apart? "My mentality as a whole, my toughness, my grit, the way I finish plays is what sets me apart from other people, so that's what I'm going to go with."

🔹 Schmitz was in attendance for the Giants' playoff victory over the Vikings in Minnesota. Who was he cheering for, though? "I was at the game just watching football, that's all I've got to say (laughs)."

🔹 In terms of centers he admires, Schmitz has always liked how Tampa Bay's Ryan Jensen plays the game. "He's one of the nastiest people on the field and just the way he plays, his mentality, you know that he's going to bring it every play. He's a tremendous leader, also."

🔹 Schmitz is excited to connect with the current players on the roster and get to work. "As a center, you have to be a really good communicator, and a leader position sometimes comes natural to that position because you're the first one to the line, and you set the calls, you set the protections, and you're in control of that offense, especially as the center-point of the offensive line. I would just say that."

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🔹 Hyatt feels like he is "probably the best deep threat receiver in the draft. I really do believe that, and Giants they really got a playmaker, they got a dynamic playmaker, an explosive playmaker – and that's what I want to bring and add to the team."

🔹 Hyatt feels "comfortable" with his frame. "Now I'm around 188, 189, getting to where I want to get to my goal weight of 190. I still have a lot of things to work on but at the same time, definitely work on that with the Giants and I definitely know what I can do and what I'm capable of it and what type of player that I am. I really believe the Giants added somebody who can change the game and I can't wait to do that and show that. I want to play at 190. I want to play at 190 this year, something I'm now feeling comfortable around just gaining weight and being in the weight room and doing a lot of work after the pro day. I'm really pleased with where I am now as far as training and I can't wait to go to the Giants, I can't wait to move and get the show moving."

🔹 Daniel Jones already texted the new receiver. What did it say? "Yeah, he just said, 'Are you ready to go? Like, are you ready to go?' Obviously, the Giants, we already are a playoff team and know what we have to do. I'm just here to add that other asset to it, and I just can't wait to do what I have to do and meet with him and understand what he likes and what he wants to do. I'm just going to be there with him.

"I can already tell [Jones is] the leader of the team. Like I said, by the time I get up there, that's one of the first things I'm going to meet with to understand what he does, what he likes in games, what his best throws, what's he wants me to do for him. I think when you build that connection with a quarterback, you can go as far as you want to go. I'm going to be consistent, I'm going to be consistent in the facility and meeting with him and doing what he wants me to do for him, because I'm here to help him out. That's why I can't wait to do it."

🔹 Hyatt's first time in New York was his visit to the Giants. "I really loved the coaching staff up there. Love everything that they are doing. I just love what they are doing and what I can be a part of, so there are already great players there. I'm here to learn and develop and at the same time prove why the Giants drafted me. I'm ready to do what I have to do."

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