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Postgame Quotes 10/22: Coach Joe Judge, QB Daniel Jones, LB Blake Martinez, TE Evan Engram, S Jabrill Peppers

Head Coach Joe Judge

On tonight's loss:

"We came down here and knew it was going to be a sixty-minute game. Every time the Eagles and Giants play, it always comes down to the last drive. That's kind of regardless of who is here, whether it's coaches, players, whoever it is. That's just a rivalry that's going to go that way. We expected this to be a tough, physical, sixty-minute game. That's exactly what we got. I thought our players played hard and we showed a lot of flashes throughout the game. There are some things we did that held us back. Ultimately, [we had] too many turnovers and penalties. There are things we have to eliminate and things we have to improve on down the second half of the season. These are things that held us back tonight. We've got to give credit where credit is due, and they made plays down the stretch. We have to make more plays ourselves."

On the third down play to TE Evan Engram late in the fourth quarter:

"I thought he made a lot of plays to keep us in the game and bring us back when we were down and struggling on offense. He had a lot of production for us tonight. We'll keep on playing with him; he's a guy that we have to keep involved in our offense and keep giving targets like we did tonight. He's definitely a guy that helped us. Obviously, we'll look at the tape and make any corrections possible, but we all have to do a better job coaching and playing. We have to make more plays and keep putting them in a position to be successful."

On what he saw specifically on the pass to Engram:

"I saw an incomplete pass. I have to look at the tape to see if it was something technique wise that we need to correct and clean up."

On the team's frustration level after losing by one point:

"The focus isn't on frustration; the focus is on correcting mistakes and moving forward. That's really where we have to steer it as a team. We've played enough ball at this point and we should know what we have as a team. We should understand how we have to play as a team. We know we have to be a team that's got to grind out wins. We have to do things just a little bit tougher, and that's alright. We're okay with doing it that way. We have put ourselves in a good position in a lot of games now. We've got to control the things that we can control, and that comes down to the penalties and turnovers. We have to do a better job of that as a team to make sure we're giving ourselves the opportunities to capitalize on the work that we're putting in."

On his message to the fans after a 1-6 start:

"No excuses, but we're working hard and trying to put a product on the field that you can be proud of. There are no excuses from us. We have to prove we can be better for you guys."

On the defense's performance down the stretch:

"I think the defense played well overall, but as a team we have to finish this. That ties into finishing drives on both sides of the ball and executing the kicking game. There are things we didn't do well enough down the stretch that gave them the opportunity. They capitalized on the opportunity they had. Obviously, there are some things I have to look at on tape and make sure that I make the right assessment before I go in and say something [to the defense]. That being said, we have to eliminate some things that held us back. Those penalties down the stretch definitely hurt us."

On veteran mistakes down the stretch:

"We count on every player on our roster to help us win the game. My message to the team is that it takes every single one of us, every coach and every player, to be successful. We can't all have a one-off. I can't make a bad call. A player can't say 'my bad'. That adds up throughout the course of the game. We just can't do that right there. We have to coach better and play better, and finish out the game when we have an opportunity."

On who he looks for to step up at the end of games:

"There's no one person that's going to stop the other team. It's 11-on-11. Everyone has to make plays. Everyone has to do their job and make sure they execute."

On the defense being on the field for 72 plays:

"As a defense, we don't decide when or where we go out there. Our job is to execute when we're on the field. No excuses on that. It doesn't matter how many plays we play, we have to execute."

On whether the team had a chance to complete a pass on a punt in the first quarter:

"It looked like [the Eagles] ended up having 11 on the field. We thought they may have had a man short. We'll look at the tape, talk about the situation and how to address it going forward."

On whether tonight feels like a missed opportunity in the division:

"At this point, our focus is to look at all of the stuff we've done already in this first chunk of the season. We've got a long week right now leading into Tampa Bay. Our job is to go ahead and make the adjustments and make sure we improve as team. Every game is an opportunity and we have to maximize all of them."

On his message to fans after another heartbreaking loss to the Eagles:

"We're going to work hard for you guys, I promise you that. I have nothing I can say right now that is going to make you feel better about how the game turned out, and we're not going to make any excuses to the fans. We want to be out there on the field and put out a product that the fans can be proud of. Our guys are working for that and our players embrace the city. This is where we live now. This is our home. We want to make sure we represent this place the right way. We're putting together a foundation for a team that we hope lasts. We want to play the right type of football for a long time. We've got a culture being built right now that is moving in the right direction. We have a lot of good football being played. Obviously, we have to clean up a lot of things. We have to eliminate mistakes and maximize our opportunities. In terms of the fans, I'm not going to ask you to be patient, that's not your job to be patient. Your job is to go ahead and be entertained by us and what we put on the field. It's our job to go out there and work and improve and give you something to cheer about on Sundays or Thursday night, whatever comes up. We're going to keep working hard for the fans."

Quarterback Daniel Jones

On what the emotion of the team is after losing an 11-point lead in the fourth quarter:

"It's a tough one for us to swallow for sure. We have to find a way to finish games. On offense we had the ball there and we have to sustain a drive and finish with the ball. There's a lot of plays in the game. We will go back and look at the tape and make sure we're moving forward and we're improving as a team." 

On what the message to his teammates is:

"I think the message is the same. We have to continue to look at ourselves. We have to be critical of ourselves and improve every week. I think we've done that. I think the team that is playing now is a much different team than the one that started the season. We haven't gotten the results as consistently as we expect. We have to keep improving and keep pushing it forward. Keep progressing as a team. I think that has to be our mindset. It's the only way we are going to get better. I'm confident we have the guys to do it. We just have to stay at it."

On what happened at the end of his 80-yard run:

"I just tried to run faster than I was running and I got caught up. We finished the drive and scored a touchdown. That was a relief to me for sure."

On what he saw on his third-down pass to Giants TE Evan Engram before the two-minute warning:

"Just a pressure look. I tried to get the ball out of my hands and I dropped out. I have to do a better job with that. We will go back and look at the tape and continue to learn and improve."

On how tough it was to not execute the play on his third-down pass to Giants TE Evan Engram before the two-minute warning:

"We all have to do a better job executing in those situations. The ball was in my hand. I have to do a better job with those situations."

On what he says to Giants TE Evan Engram after his incompletion before the two-minute warning:

"I have to do a better job putting the ball in a better position. The look is a specific one so I have to do a better job of recognizing that. We'll look at the tape and continue to work on it and improve."

On why he hasn't clicked with Giants TE Evan Engram this season:

"I think teams are certainly aware of what he can do and what he brings to the table as a tight end with his athletic ability. I have to do a better job of finding those matchups. We all have to do a better job. We'll continue to look at it and learn from it and keep moving forward."

On whether he thought they were going to win the game after his touchdown pass to Giants WR Sterling Shepard:

"I think that was an important drive for us that point in the game. All these games are 60-minute games and we understand that. We knew that there was more football to be played and we had to be ready. These are hard-fought games and 60-minute games, so we knew there was going to be more football."

On what the mood of the team is coming off the loss:

"It's definitely disappointing to lose these close games. We battled and to not get the result is certainly disappointing. We've said that we can't let that disappointment turn to discouragement or let that affect how we prepare and how we come back and how we improve as a team going forward. We have to learn from it. We have to use it to motivate us but to not let it discourage us. I'm confident in the guys in our locker room and the guys on offense. I'm excited for the opportunity to continue to improve. I know our team will attack the challenge." 

On whether he sees the calm mood post-game from the locker room as a good thing:

"I don't think you can mistake the calmness for that we're not disappointed or we're not frustrated with how things are going. We certainly are when you put in as much work as we do and don't get the results. We're certainly frustrated. We're certainly disappointed. I think when you ask about the mood, we're in a position to bounce back to control our mood and make sure that's productive towards what we're trying to accomplish and towards what we're trying to do as a team. That's a challenge now and that's where we'll look going forward."

Linebacker Blake Martinez

Q: You guys had obviously been doing a pretty job stopping them. What happened on that last drive and what are the emotions of this team right now coming off a loss where you were leading 21-10 late in the game?

A: It's definitely a tough one to swallow. I think for us, you obviously have to check the tape before anything, but I hate to say it but it's the same thing over again, just lapses, one guy here, one guy there, just doing our job.

Q: As a captain of the defense, what do you say to somebody like [Defensive Back] Madre Harper, who kind of got caught out of position on the touchdown, had the penalty there? What do you say to a guy like him?

A: You just go and tell him, 'Hey, things happen. This is the National Football League, you're not going to be in the perfect position, you're not going to make every play. You've just got to be able to not let it domino effect and continue.' It's one of things where you learn from it and if you don't learn from it, it turns into a mistake.

Q: You guys only allowed 10 points in the first three-and-a-half quarters and then obviously the two touchdown drives. What changed there? I think the answer is they went no-huddle and hurried up the pace, which seems to be a recurring problem for you guys at the end of first halves and at the end of games. Why are you guys struggling so much there and not the rest of the game?

A: I mean, I'd have to look at the tape on that one to kind of dial it all in and see where everything went wrong, but I think at the end of the day, it's going to come down to us just focusing in and trying to have that mental ability to, on the fly, whether they're going fast or slow, know what we need to do.

Q: You led in tackles and assists. Was this game more meaningful to you?

A: Every single game is meaningful for me. Anytime I'm going out there, I want to win, I want to play to the best of my ability. And every week I'm just trying to keep getting better and better and keep making the plays that come to me for my team.

Q: What do you think about the idea that people might say, 'Losing teams find ways to lose games like this'?

A: I think at the end of the day we've got to stop hurting ourselves when it comes down to these moments. I think that's the overall concept of us in this first half of the season. There's never been any moments we felt like another team was doing something that was hurting us. It all came down to us being in the right position, trusting our help, knowing where the guy next to you is working and just making the plays that come to you.

Q: What do you notice in the huddle when it comes down to those final drives? Has it been any different? Have you noticed anything or is there anything you see?

A: No. I think overall you kind of see the same looks on guys' faces, same attention to detail and knowing the situations. It's just – like I said, once again, I'll have to go back to the tape – things that have hurt us in the past which will probably show up again. Just little lapses, one guy here, one guy there and just finishing plays when they get to you.

Q: Do you embrace a moment like that late in the game where you have a chance for your defense to secure the win and does that add to your frustration of tonight?

A: Oh, 100 percent. I think every single competitor wants to be in that situation, to be able to go out there and win the game and make those plays that mean the most. It's the 'got to have it' moments and it's definitely tough. We've just got to go and look at the tape and see where we went wrong.

Tight End Evan Engram

Q: Take us through that play with a little over two minutes left, what you saw, what you think happened.

A: Got the look we wanted, man look, won on the inside fade, DJ threw a great ball, just didn't finish the play.

Q: Is that one you expect to make, or you think you should make?

A: Yes, 100%, I got to make that.

Q: What's the frustration level between that play at the end of the game, and the interception when the ball bounced off your hands? How frustrating is it that things like this keep happening? Where are you at right now?

A: It's tough, you know. Don't want to be on the short end of a turnover. I got to be better with mechanics and small things. It sucks. It's a sucky feeling right now, just got to get back to work and correct the mistakes.

Q: What is going through your head after that drop at the end, and what's your mindset after that happened?

A: Obviously it sucked not making that play. The defense was out on the field. Whether they got the stop or the Eagles scored, we were going to get the ball back. So I was staying in the game, being ready for whatever. But, obviously, it's frustrating, it's not a good feeling not making that play and possibly putting the game on ice.

Q: What is the mood of this team right now, obviously you guys were up 21-10 going into the 4th quarter, you're 1-6, so you don't want to lose, what's the mood of the team coming out of this?

A: It's just a sucky feeling, it really sucks right now.

Q: Is this loss a little bit different because you guys were right there as a ball club and you had your chances tonight, did you feel like you let one get away?

A: Yeah, we definitely let one get away. Not a good feeling. We were up, we played a great fourth quarter, and at the end, just didn't finish.

Q: I'm not sure if you've been a part of all three, but that's three years in a row the Giants have had an 11 point lead, a 14 point lead, and a 16 point lead here and you lost. I'm wondering if that at any point becomes psychological, eight in a row against the Eagles, that they obviously seem to have your number.

A: Yeah, it's a division rival. That streak is definitely too long. We were close to getting one today. We're not really worried about the past, but today was one we had and just didn't finish.

Q: Why do you think you guys haven't been able to get over the hump against these guys in your career?

A: Just stuff like tonight. Not finishing. That's it. When you have a lead like that, in the fourth quarter towards the end of the game, when you have a cushion like that and don't finish… just not finishing.

Safety Jabrill Peppers

Q: Take us through the last play

A: Man to man coverage. I was checking and making sure that he wasn't trying to run anything underneath or outside. I felt like I was in good position. I just have to play the hands better. It was a good ball, so that was definitely on me. No ifs, ands or buts about it. 

Q: When the game is sliding away from you a little bit like it was in the last six minutes after you were up by 11 points, is it incumbent on some of the leaders and some of the veterans like yourself to sort of hit the brakes on that and make it stop and make it start going back in your direction?

A: Definitely. Absolutely, and that's why it hurts. We felt like we got a good enough lead. We can close it out. With everything that happened in the game, we were still in a position to close out the game and I didn't make the play. It hurts, but I'm a man, I'll take it on the chin. I'll learn from it and make sure that it never happens again. 

Q: I know you haven't been here for all of them and this is your first Giants - Eagles game, but that's eight in a row for the Eagles over the Giants. That's three straight double-digit leads blown by the Giants in this building. Do rivalries become psychological? Is there an, 'oh no, again' factor happening with the Giants?

A: We just have to close out the games. We had chances to close out the game and we did not execute. That's all it is. It's not a psychological thing or anything like that. We know this is a game we should have won. I let the team down. Like I said, I'll take that on the chin. 

Q: Is this the kind of game that you walk away from and say, 'how did we not win?'

A: Definitely, but I know how we didn't win. We didn't execute. You have to play to the final whistle, the 60 minutes, you know? The NFL is a funny thing. You just have to keep playing. You just have to keep playing to the final whistle. We were in good position, we just didn't execute. 

Q: How would you describe the locker room after this one?

A: It sucks. It is what it is. It hurts. We had a phenomenal chance in this game to win and we set ourselves up. It hurts right now, but there is a lot of football left to be played. We know that. We'll see those guys again. We have to get back to the drawing board, correct the mistakes and come back out on Monday night with a better performance than we did tonight. 

Q: You guys as a defense played so well for so much of this game. How did it snowball on you at the end like that? You have to build up a lot of confidence by playing that well for so much of the game. How does it snowball on you when you guys are feeling good about how you play?

A: It doesn't matter if you play well for most of the game and don't finish. We're not patting ourselves on the back for that. We're a better defense than we put forth in situational football tonight, myself included. I have to make that play. I make that play, we're not even asking these types of questions right now. We don't know what happens, but we're not asking these types of questions right now. We showed that we could play pretty good ball on defense, but we have to show that we can execute in situational football and make plays when it matters. That's been our Achilles heel this year. That's something that we will continue to correct.

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