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'Giants Life: Blueprint' debuts across Giants platforms

'Giants Life: Blueprint' premieres on New York Giants YouTube Channel,, Giants Mobile App, and Giants Connected TV App

Episode 1 of new season begins at Joe Judge's Massachusetts home on eve of head coach announcement and takes you through Senior Bowl in Alabama

Exclusive: General Manager Dave Gettleman and Director of College Scouting Chris Pettit wired for sound at Senior Bowl

"This right here is a heck of an opportunity that I'm not going to squander. I'm going to come to New York. I'm going to work my butt off every day. I'm going make sure everyone on my team does the same." – Head Coach Joe Judge

The new season of Giants Life - presented by Van Heusen - premiered on Friday, Feb. 7, with a behind-the-scenes journey of Joe Judge taking the reins at Giants headquarters. Giants Life: Blueprint begins at the Judge family home in Foxborough, Mass., and continues through his first month as a new head coach.

Each episode of Giants Life: Blueprint will stream on the New York Giants YouTube Channel,, Giants Mobile App, and Giants Connected TV App.

Every offseason is important in the NFL, but 2020 is critical for the Giants. Recent results have not lived up to expectations of the four-time Super Bowl champions, so they transitioned to a coach who won five championships in 10 years between the professional and college ranks.

Judge, a former assistant under Bill Belichick (New England Patriots) and Nick Saban (University of Alabama), hit the ground running after he laid out his vision for the team during an introductory press conference at MetLife Stadium on Jan. 9. Since then, he assembled a 20-member coaching staff, evaluated the roster, and began prep for free agency and the upcoming draft.

Giants Life: Blueprint takes you every step of the way, including a trip to Mobile, Ala., for the 2020 Senior Bowl. There, the Giants production team was granted exclusive access to wire general manager Dave Gettleman and director of college scouting Chris Pettit for sound as they watched practice and searched for the next crop of Giants.

Among the topics covered in Giants Life: Blueprint Episode 1:

  • Judge's journey from grad assistant making $700 per month to NFL head coach
  • Moving from Foxborough and taking another "adventure" with his wife and four children
  • Assembling a coaching staff with different backgrounds and energies
  • Turnover in scouting department and new college grading system
  • How personnel department and coaches work hand-in-hand
  • Importance of Senior Bowl, where last year the Giants became convinced that Daniel Jones was their next franchise QB
  • Scouting Combine approaching and transition to free agency prep

Giants Life: Blueprint features appearances from the following people and more:

John Mara – President and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Tisch – Chairman and Executive Vice President

Joe Judge – Head Coach

Amber Meesey-Judge – Joe Judge's wife

Dave Gettleman – General Manager

Chris Pettit – Director of College Scouting

Chris Mara – Senior Vice President, Player Personnel

Kevin Abrams – Vice President of Football Operations/Assistant General Manager

Oshane Ximines – Giants linebacker

Provided below are some select quotes from Giants Life: Blueprint Episode 1:

"We've got a lot of turnover in our scouting area, we've completely changed our grading system in how we grade college players, we're deeper into analytics and technology than we've ever been before, and that process is ongoing. … The point I'm trying to make is it's not business as usual here at the Giants." – John Mara

"A lot of times people miss the players' and coaches' families, how much they go through, and how much sacrifice they put in throughout the year and how much time you spend away, hours you spend away. So when the season's over and you can celebrate [a Super Bowl victory], it's a feeling you can't describe." – Joe Judge

"You figure Ella is six, she's been to four Super Bowls. It's crazy. And then [Sean is] 11, he's been to two national championships and four Super Bowls. It's pretty crazy." – Amber Meesey-Judge on their children

"It's been a cool adventure. You take a chance with everything you do. I took a grad assistant spot for 700 dollars a month. It didn't even cover the rent. We found a way to squeak that out and make that work. Every opportunity that came my way, you just look at it as a challenge and you look for a way to prove people wrong. And that'll open more doors for you. This right here is a heck of an opportunity that I'm not going to squander. I'm going to come to New York. I'm going to work my butt off every day. I'm going make sure everyone on my team does the same." – Joe Judge

"I think the fans are really going to see a very dynamic, powerful, passionate leader. It's very, very exciting." – Steve Tisch

"He's coached under and learned from two of the iconic current coaches. He's won five championships in 10 years. The wealth of information that he had where he'd been, this is a tough man's game and that's something that Joe will bring. Joe will help us get back that edge of toughness." – Dave Gettleman

"I haven't had a chance to get a lot around town, I've been very busy in the office and busy getting guys in here to work on the staff, but the few times I've been out, there's been a tremendous amount of support around town. A lot of excitement and I'm just proud to be part of it." – Joe Judge

"This is my 16th Senior Bowl – 15 full-time, one year as an intern. I really enjoy sitting in the stands and just if a player from the SEC does something, I can ask our Southeast scout, or if someone from out west does something, I'll talk to our West Coast scout, and just hear their opinion. This business of ours is all about your opinion. We get judged on our opinion, so it's good to hear their thought process and sit there live with them and see what they're seeing. Last year we were heavily focused on the quarterbacks. D.J. [Daniel Jones], I had seen him play live twice last fall, but to see him down here in a different venue, there was some things that we picked up from the game that really confirmed our beliefs that he could be a franchise quarterback." – Chris Pettit

"Every NFL team is there [at the Senior Bowl] and all the eyes are on you. It's your time to get the attention of them. It's what you've been waiting for your entire life. So you've got three days to show everybody what you've got and you've got to do something to stand out." – Oshane Ximines

In the coming episodes, Giants Life: Blueprint will chronicle:

  • NFL Scouting Combine
  • Free agency
  • Pro days
  • 2020 NFL Draft

On the one-year anniversary, view photos of Joe Judge's first day after being named head coach of the New York Giants.


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