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Quotes 3/20: WR Kenny Golladay speaks for first time as a Giant

Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

Q: Kenny, what makes the Giants situation so attractive to you?

A: Just the pieces on offense. Those guys actually kind of reached out to me and I liked the vision that [Head] Coach Joe Judge had and [Offensive Coordinator] Jason Garrett, as far as the offense, and I was all the way in.

Q: Did [Quarterback] Daniel Jones reach out to you in trying to recruit you and if he did, what did he say?

A: He reached out. He just said how good of a player that he thought I was and I pretty much said the same thing about him. He also just said, you know, 'We're trying to do something great here,' and that's what I'm all about.

Q: Hey Kenny, if you can take us inside this process a little bit. When you arrived here on Thursday night, did you think it would take this long to get to a decision whether or not you were going to be here?

A: To be honest, I was really just being patient. I've been here for three days now just taking it all in really.

Q: Hey Kenny, there are probably a lot of people who will look at this and say, 'Why would you give a lot of money to a guy who was hurt most of last year?' How are you?

A: I'm good. I did a physical, I checked out.

Q: But no problems?

A: No.

Q: Hey Kenny, when you came to New York and stayed here for three days, you obviously had interest from other teams. You didn't have to go through this whole process the way you did. What made you willing to go through that to eventually sign with the Giants? What was it about this team that made you want to go through that process even though you necessarily didn't have to as a top free agent?

A: Kind of what I said at first, just hearing the vision that Coach Joe Judge had and Coach Jason Garrett had as far as the offense. That had me right there. And just walking around the building, everybody greeting me and with them pretty much telling me that they wanted me here and I'm expressing the same thing. It was kind of like a no-brainer and I'm glad it worked out.

Q: Kenny, what do you think you bring to an offense? You're a big, tall guy with long arms, you make a lot of contested catches. What do you know about the Giants offense and what do you think you specifically can add to it?

A: Well, I don't know too much about it yet, but I know just as far as me, this team is going to get a competitor, a guy who's going to come in, work, he's going to try to push other guys and have fun with it. I want to have fun while I'm doing this, that's what I'm doing it for. Just a playmaker.

Q: Hey Kenny, you mentioned that you spoke with Daniel Jones, you said you want to do great things here. What do you know about Daniel as a player and what makes you think that he's the right quarterback that you can do great things with?

A: Well first off, he's still kind of fresh in the league a little bit and I kind of want to grow with him. I'm still growing as a player and I feel like me and him can do some good things. We haven't gotten on the practice field yet, but me and him both are very excited.

Q: Hey Kenny, what do you think the Giants needed to know about you? What did you have to do when you came for this visit to explain to them to make sure to them that they were confident in making this signing?

A: Well first off, I think it's really just they just wanted to lay eyes on me, taking a different approach about this whole process. It kind of worked out for both sides –– I was able to come in and see what they're all about, I was able to see how the facility was, they had a chance to pick my brain and I think it worked out pretty smooth.

Q: Kenny, what kind of impact do you think you'll make on this team? Can you turn this team into a winner right away?

A: We haven't even stepped on the practice field yet. I know one thing for sure. I'm going to go out there and do all I can to help this offense go. Whenever they need me, I'm going to be there to pretty much make a play.

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