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DetroitLions QB Shaun Hill

Q: Have the Giants done anything different in the past two games from the first few?
A: I don't know that they've necessarily done anything differently, they're just doing it better. They're playing at a very high level right now, nobody can deny that – they're playing well. Sometimes it's coverage guys holding up and then those guys are getting there and sometimes the front four is just absolutely beating people so quick. They're doing it all right now, they're playing total team defense.

Q: Where did the 44 points come from this past Sunday?
A: Well, it came from a total team effort – some of it offensively, but we got a defensive score and a special teams score as well. Also set up some good field position by our defense and our special teams and were able to take advantage of some of that, so that 44 points came from a total team effort, not just the offense.

Q: What was your first impression of the Detroit Lions?
A: I was very excited from the first day I got here – to see the talent and things on this team that people were relatively unaware of. I could see where this team and this organization is headed, so all of that stuff made me very excited as soon as I got here.

Q: Were you also excited because they traded for you and wanted you?
A: No question. I felt very fortunate that they stepped up and traded… For every NFL team, draft picks are very valuable, so for them to trade away a draft pick for me, I felt very fortunate that they thought enough of me to do that.

Q: Were you surprised by that?
A: I figured something would happen. I didn't know per se where – I figured something would happen, but when it ended up being here, like I said, I was very excited about it.

Q: There were no misgivings, even though it was the Lions?
A: Oh no. I had been with (offensive coordinator) Scott (Linehan) before and heard nothing but great things about Coach Schwartz and then when I came in here and saw the people in the locker room and got to know all of those guys and see how they played, that kind of solidified it for me. But I was excited before because I had had a relationship with Scott, I had been with Todd Downing – our quarterbacks coach – before, both of those in Minnesota. It's been five years and five coordinators since, but I was excited about the opportunity to work with them again, and like I said, the reputation of Coach Schwartz.

Q: Have you paid attention to the 49ers since you've left?
A: I think it's hard not to recognize a little bit of that. I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to it, but I've obviously seen some of it.

Q: What do you think?
A: It's a mess out there. I don't know. I'm just very happy that I'm here right now.

Q: You've gotten a chance to play and you've played well. How does that feel?
A: It's alright. I knew coming here the roles and everything were completely defined and I was fine with that for sure. I had an opportunity to come in and try to help Matthew out a little bit if possible and, when called upon, to go out there and play, but when he's healthy I know that he's the guy. Out in San Francisco there was some stuff up in the air the last few years – it seemed always up in the air – so, believe it or not, I kind of welcomed just everybody having their defined roles and positions.

Q: When the Giants talk about you guys, they say that you're a better team than your record shows. Do you feel that way, too?
A: We think that, too. We feel that same way. We've played well in some games and just haven't come out of them with wins. We've played a very tough schedule to this point and this week is no exception, but we feel like we're better than a lot of 1-4 teams out there. Our record just doesn't show it, but we've got to keep hacking away at it. Sometimes some of those wins are difficult to get, but the more you keep going and keep trying, then those things might start turning for you.

Q: Do you see this game as a chance for your team to turn a corner?
A: Every week is for us. In the way things have gone around here in the past, every week is an opportunity for us. Like I said, we're facing a very good team – one of the best teams in the NFL – and at their place, which can be a very hostile environment, so it's going to be a good test for us without question.

Q: How bad is Calvin Johnson's shoulder?
A: I really don't know the degree of any of that stuff, to be honest with you.

Q: Is losing 23 straight road games somewhat demoralizing?
A: It's not something I think about because, like you said, I wasn't around for them. All I know about is the three thus far this year, but no it's not something that's harped on. I'm sure that maybe it is printed and things like that – I don't know. I don't read any of that stuff, particularly when I'm playing, but no, it's not something that's on our minds.

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