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David Diehl commented on Eli Manning now topping the active list for consecutive starts by a quarterback:

"That's awesome. That's a credit to him. He's a tough guy, and he's a guy that's going to do whatever he can to be out on the football field every single Sunday. People, when they think of him, they see the calm and collected side, but he's a warrior. He's a tough guy. No matter what, he's going to do whatever he can to be out there on the field."

Diehl was then asked about how head coach Tom Coughlin guides the team through adversity, especially with all the injuries that have taken place:

"If there is any coach that'll have us prepared and ready to go, it's coach Coughlin. There's not a single situation that occurs during a football game that we haven't gone through. Whether it happened the season before, whether it happened the week before, it's something that we always go through, whether it's the Friday before the game or the Saturday before the game. So when we're out there on Sundays, every situation that could possibly occur, we've gone through. And that's a credit to him and the way he gets us prepared for games."

Mark Herzlich talked about what he can do to help fill the void left by the season-ending injury to Jonathan Goff:

"You come in and you just have to know that the opportunity is there and that we need to know all the positions. I've played Mike, Sam and Will during preseason. I need to focus a little more on the Mike now that there's that void. But that's something that will be decided later."

Michael Boley said he feels comfortable making the calls in place of Goff:

"It's not really a change just as far as coming in and making the call. It's easy to make a call when you know what you're doing versus 'I don't really know what I'm doing so I'm going to be kind of hesitant.' It's not that at all. I think being in the same system again this year as we were last year kind of gives me and a lot guys an advantage."

Boley was then asked if Greg Jones can handle the duties as a rookie:

"Oh, yeah. Him, all the young guys, they did a great job of coming in early on in camp and pretty much picking up the defense. Even seeing in that last game, Greg did a great job."

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