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David Diehl spoke about the offense and defense needing to balance each other out:

"We've got to keep them off the field. We've got to keep them fresh, and we have to keep the time of possession on our side and grind the clock and get that run game going. So both sides got to balance each other. And like I said, from that game we're all disappointed, we're all pissed off at the result of that last game. But we can do something about it and it's all about the preparation and the way that we prepare this week and get ourselves ready to go for Monday Night Football. I know that we're going to come out guns firing."Diehl was also asked if the Giants can make a statement in Week 2:

"That's something that you always want to do. You want to win every game at home and you want to set the precedent early. That's what we're establishing to do. We don't want to be 0-2, we don't want to start the season off that way. We're going to do everything we can and take every step necessary to make the corrections and move forward."Hakeem Nicks spoke about his knee injury, which he doesn't expect will be a problem come game time:

"Now is not the time to be going down. It's just a matter of thanking god that it wasn't anything serious and getting back out there and making up for last week."Eli Manning commented on the extra day of preparation having a Monday night game:

"It just makes us that much more prepared. Practices and an extra day of looking at film and having meetings and going over our tips and our rules. I think it's still early in the season.Manning added: "I think all games are crucial. You definitely want to get a win, but each week for me, you prepare the same and you go out to practice the same and have the same energy."

Mathias Kiwanuka talked about getting back on track this week:

"It's huge. It wasn't the way we wanted to start off. There are no bones about it. We had some mistakes, and we had to make those corrections. So getting back on track for us this week is a big deal."Kiwanukawas then asked about the home opener:

"Very excited. Every time you get a chance to play out here at the Giants stadium, to be with your home crowd, it's exciting. So I'm looking forward to it."Victor Cruz spoke about the offense needing to convert third downs:

"I feel like it's just a matter of making plays. There were plays to be made on third-and-long and certain third down plays. We just have to come together and make those plays. They're going to be there throughout the course of the season, and I feel as the season progresses we'll get together and make those plays."

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