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Dave Tollefson was asked about the defensive line's ability to get four sacks while missing two key players last week.

"We lost though…It's a testament to the guys that we have in that room, right – the backups, the guys that no one knows about that can actually play football. And we should have won with those guys."Brandon Jacobs talked about former Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and if he has brought that philosophy over to the Rams as a head coach.

"No question. You got a lot of work in with the safeties. They do a lot of blitzing. They do a lot of "Sam" strong safety, a lot of "Mike" and "Sam." They do a lot of the same staff that our defense did when he was here. We know it's an effective defense because it took us to a Super Bowl. So we know what kind of problems that they can cause for us."

In a conference call, Spagnuolo praised Tom Coughlinas a head coach. Ahmad Bradshaw spoke to that.

"Coach Coughlin puts his heart into this game and our team. He does what's best for everybody. I think he relies on just the happiness of the team more than himself."Bradshaw then commented on getting the run game going on Monday night. 

"Just being a running back, we know what we can do with the ball in our hands. We know how much it opens the offense up, get us to second-and-five after a run instead of having to throw from second-and-10."

Offense coordinator Kevin Gilbride was also available and he spoke about the signing of wide receiver Brandon Stokley.

"Well it gives an experienced guy that can play inside. So we're excited to see what he can do, how quickly he can learn our nomenclature and assimilate into the offense. But we're excited to have him."Gilbride was asked how much he can expect from Stokley right away.

"I don't know. We've only had one day of practice. Today, the things that he's done his whole life, those are the things we've asked him to do. The things that would be unique to what we do, we'll gradually expose him to. But there are enough things that are universally done, you call them different things but they're the same things – you run a hook route, you run a corner route, you run an in-cut – those are the things everywhere everybody does it. It's a matter of what do you call it. Some of the other stuff – the more reading or more sophisticated things – we'll just little by little expose him to."

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