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Mailbag: Will Giants Defense Improve?

Considering last season and the Giants defensive problems, all the talk was about the drop off in sacks, linebacker ineptitude and defensive backs (Corey Webster for example) getting burned. The Giants seem to have addressed the interior defensive line as the main focus of the off season. How much will this improve the play of the rest of the defense?


- William

Dear William:
Significantly, I believe. When Perry Fewell was asked what is different about the defense this year, his immediate response was "bigger butts." The NFL has become more of passing league, but good defense still starts with stopping the run. The Giants have beefed up the interior of their defensive line and inserted Dan Connor at middle linebacker, which should improve the run defense. That will force teams to pass because they have tom, not because they want to. And that always slants the advantage toward the defense. The defense won't be impenetrable, but it should be much improved.

Do you see the Giants playing more three wide receiver sets against Dallas since Henry Hynoski is injured?

Dear John:
First, Hynoski is no longer injured. He's been practicing since Aug. 22 and should play in Dallas. Second, I doubt Hynoski's availability would have a significant impact on how often the Giants deploy three wide receivers. Because of the talent they have at quarterback and wideout, I would expect the Giants to line up with at least three receivers quite frequently.

What do you think is more likely to happen? The Giants rush for 100 or Eli throws for 300 ? I have Eli Manning and David Wilson on my fantasy team and want to know which one to play?
- Tyler

Dear Tyler:
Take this for what it's worth, but I am not a fantasy player and have as much interest in fantasy football as I do in biochemistry. But I'd take Eli throwing for 300 yards, because he is a great quarterback, he throws to a terrific group of receivers and the NFL has become an aerial show.

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