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*Here we are preparing for Week 6, and I think it's surprising that we're already more than a quarter of the way through the season because it goes fast. You put one week behind you and go right onto the next. That includes Sunday's loss to Seattle. The game kind of went as it went. There were big plays on both sides. It was a disappointing loss because we had gotten in that rhythm of winning. Then when you lose, you take a step back. Everything is all fine and dandy when you're winning – obviously there are improvements to make – but I always say that winning minimizes the mistakes and losing maximizes them. That's kind of what happened. So we came back in here on Monday, made some corrections, worked out, got a lift in and kind of put that game behind us. That's what we had to do. Tuesday was an off day, which meant a rest day for me. I barely did anything. I just stayed in my room all day, and then we got the playbooks last night. I came into the facility today, watched some film and had a good day of practice.

Even approaching the bye week, it doesn't feel like we're that far into the season. When you think about it, including preseason, we've played nine games already. In college, we'd almost be done with our whole season. But it's good because I feel pretty fresh. I know a lot of guys feel that way because of the way we practice. It's fast, fast, fast, but we're not killing each other every day. So if we keep on that pace and keep the motivation up, we'll be in good position. I know that coach Coughlin will do a good job of that because the one thing we always talk about – from coaches all the way down to the players -- is never be satisfied with what you're doing. It comes in terms of practices. It comes in terms of games. It comes in terms of studying. You have to always try to be one better.

While I look back on the first few months of my rookie season, I think the leap from high school to college is much harder than the leap from college to the pros. It's a little different because you already know how to play football now. You're tweaking things and learning new defenses and different things, yes, but you know how to play at a fast pace. You know how to practice. In high school, at least my high school, you have 120 guys on the team and practices were kind of just doing whatever you wanted and then you make plays in the game. You'd never really watch film. So that was a whole different experience trying to get ready when I transitioned to college football. Now in the pros, you have to pick up the pace. You have to pick up the tempo, but you already know how to play football. *   *
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