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McAdoo sets expectations as Giants break minicamp


Coach Ben McAdoo spoke with the media as the Giants broke minicamp Thursday:

Reset the timer for six weeks. That's the next time you will see the Giants.

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The team concluded its offseason workout program today at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Players reported in mid-April for conditioning and built up to this week's three-day minicamp, which sets the table for training camp at the end of next month. Then it's all systems go for Dallas on Sept. 10.

"Six weeks goes by pretty quick," coach Ben McAdoo said. "You just don't want any phone calls late at night, that is all. But I trust the players in the locker room. I trust the staff. We are going to put ourselves in good situations, and we understand that that 'NYG' never comes off. It is always with us, always a part of us, the name on the back of the jersey and the letters on the front always stick with us."

Throughout the day, McAdoo had a handful of people speak to the team, including strength and conditioning coach Aaron Wellman as well as Col. Greg Gadson, a vital member of the Giants family since 2007. The colonel led the final team huddle.


"We talked about being a pro," McAdoo said. "We have a lot of integrity in the locker room. We talked about it and we have to trust each other, but it is about being a pro and how we handle our business mentally, physically and spiritually."

While some members of the team are already wheels up for some rest and relaxation, McAdoo's car will be the last one to leave the parking lot at 1925 Giants Drive.

"I don't shut it down very easily," the second-year head coach said. "I am going to stay engaged and get a little bit done each and every day, whether it is on the offensive side of the ball reflecting on the pieces that we added or taking a look at the defensive side of the ball and what we can do to help the defense there. Looking at players and personnel and taking a look at the schedule and looking at how we can tweak things and make them a little bit better. You never really shut it off; you just work from a different place."

When McAdoo sits down to review the spring, he'll have film from 10 OTAs and three minicamp practices to evaluate his team. He'll also be setting the course for training camp.

"The spring is about teaching and learning and jockeying for reps really in training camp and in the preseason games," McAdoo said. "Just putting yourself in a better position so that you can go out and compete for a job in training camp."

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