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Cover 3: What NFL rule would you change?


Last week, the NFL approved two new rule changes at the annual league meetings. So, that got us thinking: What is one rule change that you want to see …. but won't ever happen?

John Schmeelk: If we're just here having fun, the league should eliminate the coin toss and instead install an elaborate "Steal the Bacon"-style competition where the two best athletes on either team have to get a football placed between the two players – scoop it – and get past the opponent to gain possession of the football to start the game. The same game would be played at the start of overtime. It would be fun. It could even be a two-on-two competition. The possibilities are endless.

From a more serious perspective, there is one radical and interesting thought in terms of how to impact the style of play. What would happen if they eliminated all pre-snap motion and illegal formation penalties. It would be chaotic and perhaps glorious? Or maybe it would just be a mess? What would some of the coaches come up with when they flex their creative muscles?

Dan Salomone: Much like a safety, a missed field goal will give two points to the other team. Think about the decisions the coaches would have to make, especially in a tie game with seconds left on the clock. Do you trust your kicker enough or do you play for overtime? Speaking of which, how about in the final two minutes of games and overtime, offenses are allowed two forward passes per down? If that's too outlandish for you, how about we settle for one forward pass allowed during every kickoff?

Lance Medow: Remember when MTV used to have annual celebrity sports competitions called "Rock N Jock" and held events in basketball and football (They later added a soccer match called "Rock N Gol.") They spiced things up and added a very tall basket or a very high goal, which would be worth more points if you were lucky enough to execute. Let's to with something similar in football.

To help teams rally late, try a rule where the quarterback can throw to a high target connected to each goal post, which can only be done when your team is operating between midfield and the opponent's 20-yard line. If he hits the target, it would be the equivalent of 14 points (two touchdowns). A missed target would count as an incomplete pass and the loss of a down. Each team would only have five opportunities in a game to go for the target, so it would be a strategic maneuver. This would be a way to keep games competitive and interesting regardless of the potential lopsided score.


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