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Odell Beckham Jr. takes on Charles James II in "Madden"


It shouldn't surprise anyone to know that Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the fiercest competitors in the National Football League. The big shock might be how competitive Beckham is in all aspects of his football life – including Madden NFL 16.

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Beckham is the latest cover athlete for the most successful football video game in history, and he's on a mission to showcase his gameplay skills – looking at you, Charles James II. Beckham and James, a former Giant and third-year defensive back for the Houston Texans, square off in an epic Madden grudge match that's played out on HBO's Hard Knocks.

Playing each other over Xbox Live, the game between the two starts out friendly enough, with Beckham declaring, "Let the best man win." From there, palms start getting sweaty as the stakes get higher.

Here's the dialogue as we pick up the action late in the second quarter, with Beckham down 10-7 but running a precise two-minute drill.

James: "It's a pass. He's throwing it to himself again! He caught that? I'm done."

Beckham (arms raised): "I see you, 13! Good throw, E. Good throw, Eli!"

The pass, a 54-yard Manning to Beckham touchdown, gives the real-life Beckham a 14-10 lead. James, however, refuses to surrender because, as he puts it, "I have J.J Watt on my team; I'm not even tripping."

So who comes out on top in this Madden NFL 16 grudge match? You'll have to tune in to Hard Knocks when the full episode airs on HBO on Tuesday tonight at 10 PM EDT.

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