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Pascoe and Bennett work toward TE spots


While Bear Pascoe and Martellus Bennett could headline a remake of "The Odd Couple" during their time in the dorms in Albany, the two tight ends have one thing in common – opportunity.

Pascoe, a former rancher growing up in California, and Bennett, once a Dallas Cowboy and a two-sport athlete at Texas A&M, are looking to step up at their shared position.

But that doesn't mean they can't be on the field at the same time, given the emergence of the two-tight end sets around the NFL.

"It's a possibility," Pascoe said on Saturday before the players' day off. "With me and Martellus in there, it gives us that opportunity to change our strength and we each bring something to the table, so it's a huge possibility."

Pascoe entered camp having the benefit of three years with the team and some momentum following the Super Bowl run, where he notched his first career touchdown in the NFC Championship against the San Francisco 49ers.

"I think there's a great opportunity here for me to step in and kind of take it over," Pascoe said. "Being here the past three years and really knowing the offense gives me a lot of confidence going into it."

While Pascoe has shown his blocking ability in the past, it's his receiving skills that could be called on in 2012.

But Pascoe isn't one to tip his hand.

"It just kind of depends on what the coaches want to do," he said. "Here lately, I've kind of been more of that move tight end. It kind of depends on what direction they want to go in."

That direction – in addition to Bennett -- could also include fellow tight ends Ryan Purvis, Larry Donnell, Christian Hopkins, and drafted rookie Adrien Robinson.

"They're coming along really good," Pascoe said. "Adrien is very athletic. He's picking up the offense. Purvis could be another guy for that B spot, and he's very athletic and he's picking up the offense. They're doing well."

Whatever the role may be, Pascoe will be out there working, and we'll get the first glimpse during the first preseason game at Jacksonville this coming Friday night.

"That's what I'm supposed to do," Pascoe said. "That's my job and I don't need to talk or say anything. I just need to show up and work hard and get my work done."



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